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OTHER: Greetings from the Julierpass

The last days we spent skiing with some friends in St.Moritz which was all great itself. But the real fun was the way there and back. Ok the way there was late at night in the dark so i took driving easy. But the way back was absolutely glorious!
We initially planned to drive back over the Flüelen or Albula pass but both of them where closed because of snow / Winter-time. The other Route via davos would include loading the car on a train for a part of the trip, which i wanted to avoid, so this is basically the only route left (except a long detour via the other end of switzerland). But at the end it was the best choice anyway… I mean, just look at the scenery!

I’ts about one hour of meandering roads up to 2284m above sea level and back down again. Mountain goats and snow everywhere….

The great thing is that it is basically a route with three smaller connected mounain pass sections, where inbetween the road is “normal” straight with bigger villages and possibilities to stop, but then you hit it again and up and down the next mountain. absolutely fabulous!

Since it’s one of the main connecting routes to the Engadin, the road is wide and nicely paved. Excellent driving conditions…

Even if you’re behind a slower car. There’s plenty of possibilities to safely overtake them. We drove it on sunday when there where no trucks. and i can assume that in summer you have plenty of cyclists and motorcicles (and the dutch caravan people *lol*) but otherwise it’s an absolutely stunning ride which i didn’t expect at all! I hope we’re able to do the other routes at another pont and then maybe not with the daily ski-hauler, but with the Honda which is just perfect for such roads! Or in future with the Datsun…

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