The old projects

Car: 1996 Honda Civic EJ9
Engine: D14 SOHC (90HP)
Color: NH538 “Frost white”
Status: “Soon to be replaced”

– Type-R Lipkit
FRP Fenders (never installed)
Bomex Frontbumper (never installed)
– EK9 Wing
– Ganador style mirrors
– Barracuda “Cuda GT4” wheels
– Painted some plastic parts
– H&R Springs
– AC Autotechnic gauge cluster
– Custom sound system
– Sparco reclining seats
– Schroth Harnesses
– Simoni shift knob
– mugen shiftboot
– Custom red door-armrests
– TypeR Grille & Emblems
– Simoni racing pedals
– Laser Exhaust muffler

This trusty machine was my first car and will ever be. Just a slow grandma’s hatchback type car, but a perfect daily driver when you live in a country where everything related to cars is so expensive. It’s that one car that brought me into the whole “tuning” thing and made me start a company importing JDM parts from Japan to europe. It really failed and after two major accidents (both not caused by myself) and a lot of minor dent’s and scratches here and there this car still drove great and cheap 🙂
It one point it had to go though, to make space for a more representative, “adult” and more roomy car. It proved to be really undestroyable and was the perfect first car for the wannabe kid i was, lol. The good old times…. but then i have much better cars now 🙂


  • Patrick Ellington jr.

    Hello, I am a 24-year-old aspiring Nissan fan putting together a long-term plan for acquiring/importing a GC10 NIssan Skyline sedan and DIY restoring it for my first daily drive restomod project based around an L28 engine swap. Could you point me towards technical information on the C10/GC10 Skyline? Thank you for your time as well, and all your work.


      Hey mate. To be honest i’m not very fond of the Hakosuka skylines. they’re quite rare over here (Sold as 2000 GT in europe). i recommend looking in the common datsun forums, or skyline forums, connect your self with the specialized facebook groups and check the regular online ads regarding those parts. you’ll be able to collect a lot of parts and documents over the years, it just takes a lot of time.
      Hope this helps a bit.

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