Car: 2000 JDM Honda Civic EK9 TypeRx
Engine: B16b DOHC Vtec (185HP)
Color: NH-0 Championship white
Status: In use

Note: The Type-Rx (or Type R-X) is a special edition made by Honda that comes with:
– Red stitched shifter boot
– Metal pedals
– Uprated pioneer HiFi system & CD-player
– Keyless entry system
– Retracting door mirrors.

– Toda 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold
– Tanabe G-Fordan Exhaust system
– C’s short shifter
– J’s racing exhaust bushings
– Vision low position seat consoles
– Feel’s carbon inner mirror cover
– Augment hood dampers
– Some wires tucked away
– Spoon sports resonator box remover pipe
– Garage-S Reservoir tank covers
– Varta Battery
– Mugen 240 km/h gauge cluster
– Luxer1 LED Interieur light
– Seargeant Billet radiator hoses – sold
– Spoon radiator stay
– J’s racing rear lower arm bar
– Okuyama Carbing 3-Point tower bar
– Greddy Carbon radiator cooling panel
– SSworks lower radiator shroud
– Mugen oil filler cap
– Vision / Technicasport shifter bushing
– Cusco master brake cylinder stopper
– SARD 200 cell racing cat
– Seeker radiator cap
Skunk2 Composite fuel rail – Sold
– Signal racing carbon ignition plug cover
– HKS SLD (Speed limiter defencer)
J’s Racing Carbon intake system – Sold
– TopFuel golden exterieur mirror glasses
– Yokohama Wheel Design ADVAN RG Wheels, gold, 16×7,5″, +45mm, 114,3×5
– Yokohama Wheel Design ADVAN Racing Lug nuts
– Yokohama Wheel Design Center caps
– Toyo Proxes T1-R 205/45 ZR16 87W RF Tires
– TEIN Flex Coilovers / Suspension
– H.O.P. Honda Optional Parts Antenna Block Off plate
– Skunk2 Battery Tie-down Sold and converted back to OEM
– Wing Takeo Battery kill switch – never installed
– H.O.P. Honda Optional Parts Carbon Radio Block Off plate
– Zero1000 Magnetic oil drain plug
– Honda Access Window / Door Visors
– APEXi Power Air filter
– GP-Sports G-sonic Tow Strap front
– GP-Sports G-sonic Tow Strap rear (incl. Custom mounts)
– Suganuma Future creations SFC In-pipe silencer
– Beatrush / Laile underbody protection panel
– Trust / Greddy TW-R aluminum radiator
– Endless SSY Brake pads front and rear
– Spoon sports complete PU bushing kit
– NOS inner room mirror (old one was worn out)

This EK9 is one of two EK9’s ever imported to switzerland. The other one (as far as i know) was only imported for racing-use and converted to LHD and all the cool stuff was removed. At least i know for sure my EK9 is the one and only street legal EK9 here in switzerland, and that even with some heavy mods! It took me almost three years from the idea until i was able to put some street legal number plates on it. The fact i only wanted to import a car to see how it works (because almost nobody had done it before then) and it ended up in a  huge project makes this car so special for me. It took me a lot of money, time and work to get it imported, modified and legalized. And i’ve done all by myself, without any knowledge, so this is truly a rare gem 🙂
In EK9 circles i get some good reputation because it’s one really clean and mint EK9. I’ll try to keep it as it is and i’ll give it probably a little bit more of that “JDM” treatment just to keep the project alive. 🙂

Check out the blogposts about my EK9 project for regular updates here:


  • Mohammad

    That’s really cool that u spent a lot of many things on this EK9 .. Don’t sale ..
    I wonder if U can help me finding a middle console for mine .. Thanx


      Hi Mohammad, actually i’m sorry. i don’t have any more for sale. best way to find one of These used is to check yahoo auctions in Japan or buy a new one from a Honda Workshop in Japan. Hope this helps.

  • mintjam

    Hey, Ich wollte mal fragen woher du eigentlich die JDM wagen beziehst, gibts hier in der Schweiz irgend wo einen Importeur oder wie ist das?
    Wie ist das mit den Kosten und der MFK, geht das leicht oder was muss man beachten
    Grüsse aus Chur – Joel

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