The Mazda 6 / Atenza GJ

Car: 2015 Mazda 6 / Atenza GJ Sport wagon, Ambition package, 6-speed MT
Engine: Skyactiv-G 2.0 (165HP)
Color: Snowflake White metallic (25D)
Status: In daily usage. Some small mods

– Kenstyle Steering wheel
– Fortune / Genefield Interieur door handle surrounding trim
– Custom Underbody and Cavity coating / Sealing (Rust protection)
– Mazdaspeed / Mazda OEM Accessory roof spoiler
– Mazda OEM Steering wheel Switches from the “Revolution” Trim level model
– Mazda OEM Dealer option lowering Springs (by Eibach)
– Mazda OEM Accessory Center console tray
– Mazda OEM JDM “Atenza” trunk emblem installed and Skyactive trunk emblem cleaned
– Mazda OEM Optional Automatic folding mirror kit (from the higher version) retrofitted
– Mazda OEM Optional “Puddle lights” kit (Mazda logo projectors in door)
– Mazda OEM Accessory Premium floor mat kit
– Mazda OEM Accessory Parcel net
– Mazda OEM Accessory retractable USB Adapter cable
– Mazda OEM Optional 8pc LED Interieur bulb kit

No special story lies behind this one. I wanted a more luxury and modern and also a more practical replacement for my old daily EJ9 Honda. So i saved some Money, test-drove cars, did some research and finally made the decision for this Beauty. So i ordered this car brand new from the local Mazda dealer. The plan is to drive it as long as possible so it’s worth the money spent.
It’s a brilliant bang-for-the-buck car with everything you need and a lot of loading capacity in the back. So far it has brought me and my wife to our wedding, tooken us twice from our homebase to sweden and back and also is my daily cummutor and workhorse.
I won’t probably make any hardcore modifications on this one, as i learnt my lesson from the last modified daily ride and the problems which come along.
But then again i can’t leave it completely stock, so some minor customization will for sure happen whenever my wallet allows me to 🙂

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