FRIENDS: The Big Honda S2000 Parts delivery

Yesterday i posted this picture about a big Parts delivery from Japan for a friend with a Honda S2000.

Since the interest was quite high, i guess you guys want to know what’s inside the boxes? Let’s start off with a set of beautiful Autobacs ASM /IS design vented FRP Fenders:

and for the rear some Voltex suzuka Polyurethane overfenders:

Staying at the rear end aerodynamics, we got a beautifully crafted J’s racing Carbon rear under diffusor:

which will sadly cover part of the lovely Mugen Power exhaust system:

Following the exhaust system a bit further front, we end up at the TODA Racing exhaust manifold for the F-series engine. I run a TODA header myself and i just love the quality and look of it..

Switching from the outlet to the intake side, air is breathed though a stunning piece of carbon manufacturing: The Mugen Power Carbon air intake system:

With an additoinal Spare filter for future maintenance work:

Staying in the engine compartment, we have a Greddy / Trust magnetic oil drain plug and some spares:

And last but not least, another beautiful piece of Carbon fiber and Aluminum craft:
A set of Craft Square racing mirrors:        

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240Z: Nissan Sports and rallye Transmission Manual

On my task to update my transmission guide with some missing information and correct some wrong data (still need to get that done) i figured out there was a book called “Nissan Sports and Rallye Transmission Manual” from Nissan Japan.

It contains a lot of background information (it’s not a service manual) about the optional Transmissions used in various Nissan / Datsun cars over the time, including the early and late 5-Speed transmissions used in the S30 Chassis.

After unsuccessfully reaching out to a few people who did not want to share their knowledge, and after missing a Yahoo auction for an original printed version of it for just an hour or so, i thought i get in contact with another person i know to own one – a Japanese gentleman well known in the community. Since he was following my Project, he happily agreed to scan his original printed document for me. A few weeks later i got a printed copy in my mailbox.
Picture shows original manual and printed copy before beeing shipped from Japan…

Since this document rarely pops up as a complete manual, i kindly asked if i may scan it and release it online and he happily agreed again. To support the Datsun community with rare documentaion is important.
I can not thank you enough sir, you know who you are 😉
So here you go.
Click the link below to get the full pdf file of the 昭和53年7月 printed
(昭和53年 = Showa Area 53 year = 1978,  7月 = July) version document:
JDM Nissan sports transmission manual

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EK9: Photoshoot

I know, updates are a bit rare these days, mainly because of the garage/house/Workshop build, which has highest priority at the moment. Nevertheless, things are coming along nicely:

But since you’re here for the cars, i thought i’d share some pictures from a recent EK9 photoshoot for the Hondaholics Calendar 2019. Pictures are not the best i ever made, but i still like them and had some first experiments with the poliarizing filters:

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240Z: Visit at the Bodyshop

Had a visit at the Bodyshop today to discuss some next steps. Then i realized you guys haven’t seen the car as a whole in a while, so i made some pictures. only to find out back at home that the camera settings were wrong and all the pictures were blurry. Nevertheless. here are some (blurry) pictures of the car in it’s current state. Next up will be the work on the floorpans 🙂

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240Z: Datsun book and Fuel filler pipe mount back in the car

Just another of these little things that sum up in a lot of time and money, but another little step is done: The inside uf the fuel filler cap – the fuel pipe mounting plate (or whatever you want to call it) is sandblasted and welded back in the car. Will visit the bodyshop on friday and have a closer look at those details:

Oh and at the japanese classic car meet in Rhotrist last week, i got this german Datsun Book from my Buddy Stefan. Thanks for bringig it along 🙂 Haven’t looked inside yet, so i’m curious how it is 🙂

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MEET: Japanese Young & Oldtimer meeting Rothrist 2018

Don’t want to say too much. It was a great day at the newly launched meet. Met a lots of old and new friends. had a relaxing time and saw a great mix of Japanese cars from all eras. Even had my EK9 on display without having planned to do so (just wanted to attend as a specator but ended up inside). Would probably have washed the car if i knew 🙂 The race-car display was the icing on the cake and the weather was excellent for all people to bring out their cars before winter inhibition. Hope they will continue with this event next year. Thanks for all who said hi, and sorry i had to leave so early. Instead of saying much more, i will just let the pictures talk:

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240Z: RH Rear lower corner smoothened out

Nothing big, just another little update from the Bodyshop: RH rear lower corner has been tinned and smoothened out:

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240Z: News from the Bodyshop (Rear lower corner detailling)

Finally my Panelbeater is back at work and sent me a little update from today. Not a big difference to see compared to the last update, be he’s now detailling and un-denting all the tiny spots that make the difference at the end:

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240Z: Nissan Sport Service Transmission Manual

While our garage- / Workshop- and House build is coming along nicely…

There was something i’ve been looking for since a long while to complete my Documentation. And more than once i missed a chance to get one of those. but finally i Managed to get hands on it. Or at least a copy of it. the Nissan Sport service transmission manual. It’s basically a Book with lots of background information on all (or most of them) optional transmissions for japanese nissans back in the day. I haven’t gone through it yet but the information seems to be very useful… I want to thank a certain Man in Japan for taking the effort to copy this for me in excellent quality. Don’t want to name you in public because many others may want to get this too, but you know who you are. Thank you! Will pretty sure post some Z-related data from the book on my Blog over the course of the next weeks. whenever i find time.

Original and copy:


Some basic information about the Z-relevant transmissions:

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240Z: Nissan service announcement Book “Introduction of Fairlady Z”

While i’m busy building my garage/house/Workshop i don’t have a lot of time to spend on the cars, but still from time to time i get some things done. like looking for interesting reads. Today this arrived from japan: A set of  Nissan service announcement Book No. 184 “Introduction of Fairlady Z”. With tons of information about the then new Fairlady Z.

Still need to read through it (and my japanese isn’t Very well). but so far i already found some really interesting information in there… For examlpe here the different badging on the different japanese versions of the cars are explained. Sure you find this information in the parts manual as well, but there is a lot more background information and additional information in this books and i absolutely love it 🙂

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