OTHER: Honda E test drive

In search for my wifes next car, which she wants to be electric, we decided to test the Honda E. After we tested the Mazda MX-30 the other day to have a somewhat direct comparison. To be honest the two concepts are very similar. same battery size, same power, most of the features are the same, the price is more or less the same,  handling is very similar. The main difference is: You get more car for the price from mazda when it’s about the size and overall costs. But first. when we arrived we got greeted by this nice Citroen Mehari. The local honda dealer is also a Citroen dealer and it’s not everyday you see one of those.

While waiting for the showcar to return from a wash to be ready for us, we walked around a bit and saw this nice EP3 waiting outside. I somehow miss the times when Civic typeR’s where small hatchbacks, compared with what you get today…

And then it came… in a rather unexpected funky poisenous green. Overall i really like the funky mirrorless Retro-design design reminding of the very early cars Honda made. It looks flawless and cool. Not weird at all but really modern and different….

First, the owner, which is one of the shop’s mechanic, gave us a little tour. And one of the main down points in my opinion are the many displays. while they have some funky and nice features and while everything is neatly integrated in the sleek (sadly fake) wood interieur, it’s a bit over the top and distracting in my opinion. And typical honda – the display menu looks like from the 1990’s with all the rectangular buttons in all the rainbow’s colours. There the mazda looks much more like a designer piece from a modern playstation game…

However the Honda beeing smaller and thus lighter, this thing goes like a rocket. In my opinion almost accelerating a bit too much for a small city bug. If you switch it to sport mode there’s not a real difference which is a bit strange.

Nevertheless. As a former honda fanboy i’m not a huge fan of their current cars. Especially their not-so-sporty ones. But this thing is beyond cool. It looks great, has great and futuristic features and drives excellent to be honest. The only downside for me is the price compared to the mazda and the fact they went a bit over board with all the digital gimmickery…

I would definitely buy it in white. it looks a bit ASIMO-esque in white, which i like. but today i stumbled upon a blue version displayed in a lokal supermarket, which also looked cool and a tad more adult, compared to the green one above. Well my wife is quite uncertain now. I was really positively surprised and would buy it in a hartbeat if i had the need for a small towncar…

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240Z: Seam weld grinding

When i installed the optional footrests, i realized that my bodyshop left some of the floorpan area “unfinished”. And i thought if i bring the car for blasting and a layer of primer soon anyway, i better make sure it looks a bit nicer underneath that primer layer.

So i took the old angle-grinder out with a sanding disk and started to grind down those welds. I’m not a professional metal guy so this will have to do for now. at least everything feels smooth and looks much better than it did before and that without doing any further damage.

Same on the out/underside (Before):

And after (i can see there’s still a little part htat needs welding, on the left..)

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240Z: NOS front fender arrived

Shout out to my man Stefan who gave me the Tip on this NOS Front Fender for sale. Actually it said NOS but, i’m not 100% sure. it has a weird Handpainted primer-layer on the outside, but other than that looks prety NOS. it’s in perfect shape (aside from a few small storage dents and scratches), has absolutely no rust (Some very small surface rust spots) and looks straight

After all that’s exactly what i needed, so i don’t really care if it was NOS or not and i just believe in it *lol*

Had to test fit it of course but nothing seems wrong with it.

Looks nice in my growing collection of Fenders. Why another one you might ask?

The black set is quite rusty at the bottom and with the “golden” set i realized at some point that some of the previous owner thought it’s super-nice to remove the original Line that is in the fenders to make a “smooth” look. And also they deleted the Holes for the 240Z emblem

This is the new fender with the original line nicely visible and all factory holes are still there. So finally, one piece more in the puzzle 🙂

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240Z: Blasting preparation & Optional footrest installation

Over the next week i’ve planned to bring the Chassis to a Blasting company (more on that in a separate post). But before that, i had to remove the installed bodypanels.

So the passenger door and fenders came off and we have the naked chassis back again.

Then i decided it would make sense to drill holes before the blasting and before a primer would be applied, so i decided to prepare the holes for the optional passenger footrest.

It took me a while to figure out the “original” position. It appears that the Drain holes and everything are not simply mirrored on LHD and RHD Cars and floorpans. So i had to do a mix of guessing and measuring to figure out the position.

But at the end i think i nailed it.

And now even the bends on the L-shaped foots make sense. I thought those were bent by accident, until i heard from several people that they’ve seen those feet with bends before.
(ignore the uncleaned welds, those will be cleaned of course). If you get the location right, the perfectly fit with the shape of the transmission tunnel / Floor pans. Also note that measures for the position i had first where made for the two inwards-facing “feet” but my one has two Left-facing feet, so of course the position of the holes are different…

At the end i had it all installed and with a nice fit, if you ask me.. 

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240Z: My first ever CAD Design (Tank rubber pieces)

I work with CAD Drawings and renderings daily in my work life and always wanted to learn how to draw them. When i realized i need those 240Z Tank rubber pieces redone and probably should make a nice drawing, that seemed like the perfect occasion to download FreeCAD and spend an hour on youtube watching beginners guides to CAD Drawing. I’m used to electronis CAD programs so it’s not completely new, allthough i’ve never designed something 3D CAD. Until today. I got the hang for simple basics pretty fast and here i have my first design for the rubber piece:

Of course this is something stupidly simple, but just perfect for a total newbie like me. And it will give my rubber-shop a better idea of what they have to make for me 🙂

I even figoured out how to make a nice technical drawing out of the 3D Model.
So after all i’m pretty proud and i hope i can improve my skills in other occasions soon. At least i’ve got the idea about what the CAD Designers in my company do all day now 🙂

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FOR SALE: Various Daihatsu Spare parts catalogue microfiches!

Together with the Microfiche reader, i got various sets of daihatsu microfiches.
They’re currently for sale on ebay since i have no use for them.
Check them out HERE, or contact me directly if interested (Also see links below)

I currently  have following, complete, Spare parts catalogue microfiche sets for sale:
Daihatsu Cuore L55 L60
Daihatsu Charade G10 G20
Daihatsu Charade G11 G21 G30
Daihatsu 55 wide Carb S65 S70
Daihatsu Charmant A35 A45 A60
Daihatsu Charmant A10 A20 A40
Daihatsu 4×4 F10 F20 F25 F50 F55  SOLD
Daihatsu 4×4 F70 F57 F80 F85  SOLD
Daihatsu 4×4 F10 F20 F25 F50 F55 F60 F65  SOLD
Daihatsu Spare parts price list Microfiches, 1982, Switzerland  SOLD

See listings for detailed pictures and information, but for reference, just a few pics:

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EK9: Old JDM Tuning catalogues & Pricelist

With the rising of the EK9 value lately, i decided to finally ask my Insurrance if they can insure my car as a “collector” car. I know it’s not exactly a multi-million dollar collectors item, but it brings you some advantage to have it insured like this. For example oldtimer-races are partially included, and it covers rare spare-parts from Japan, etc… For this i had to list all the prices of the car and the modification parts. Luckily i’m a hoarder and kept all the old documents and all the parts-catalogues from back in the day when JDMjunkies was an import business for japanese parts. I think meanwhile even the catalogues have quite some value. but that’s another story.
So here we go. Original service manual, HyperRev Magazines, sales brochure and price list. Civic Options price list and a little flyer.

Here’s the original price list:

And here the one for the Option parts. Kind of hilarious that you could have bought golden “H” emblems, or put a standard roof spoiler on the TypeR cars, if you think about it today…

And then went through all the parts catalogues to check the original catalogue price for all the parts i’ve installed. I still love these and almost forgot i still have all of them in my shelve. Especially the spoon and Mugen catalogues are a piece of art, if you ask me 🙂

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240Z: Fuel filler neck arrived

More parts arrived. this time a NOS fuel filler neck, straight from Japan:

This fits my restored Fuel filler cap and mount perfectly 🙂

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OTHER: Microfiche reader from an unexpected Toyota Collection

I’m always fascinated what hides behind some of the doors you see every day. And most of the time you wouldn’t expect anything special behind a random barn-door.
That’s exactly what happened when i bought a microfiche reader for my old Datsun fiches from a Lady online. I went to pick it up last saturday and already was impressed by the nice, old toyota pickup in the entrance. Then the lady opened the gates to her garage and boy – i didn’t expect that! She used to work at a toyota dealership and had around 10-12 Vintage toyotas in various states, but most of them looked pretty serious and the selection of cars were excellent too!  She also had a nice range of toyota memorabilia and workshop tools and from what i understand she’s fixing those old cars all herself!

I was a bit in a hurry so i didn’t really have time to talk and look at the cars, but i promised to come back. What a collection. there was an office full of old Manuals and parts catalogues and she told me there’s a big spare-parts stock somewhere too. wow!

When i returned home, today i had to fix the two microfiche readers first and give them a proper clean, Had to glue back the mirrors and optical system and replace one of the bulbs.

And then finally both of them came back to life. Not that i really need them. i have the digital copy of the parts manuals too, but what’s the point of owning all thos old microfiches if you can’t even show them to someone, right? 🙂

They also came with a free set of various old Daihatsu microfiches. I don’t really have a useage for them, so i will go through them and put them for sale soon. I’m pretty sure somewhere in the world, someone is looking for exactly these old Daihatsu microfiches 🙂

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240Z: NOS Battery tray, Fuel Sender unit & Choke lever

Since i got a new fuel tank a few days ago, i decided to get all the parts that belong to it. The first parts came today. The Fuel tank sending  unit:

Including the Seal O-Ring

And while ordering parts, i decided to get some random parts that were available too. Like the Battery tray:

And the choke lever Handle:

More parts are on the way 🙂

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