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240Z: Resurrected classics vs OEM front grille

My original Front grille was a bit bent in some areas, had rusted bolts and the original outer vertical brackets were beyond repair. I really tried my best to save it, but somehow the results never really fulfilled my expectations. The vertical Aluminum brackets were worn out, i wasn’t able to find the long mounting bolts in an original look and it all felt very fragile and “loose” when assembled. So when i recently stumbled across the resurrected classics reproduction grille, i thought i’d give it a try. Today it arrived, so lets’ have a closer look at it vs the OEM grille.

On the first glimpse lit looks very good, down to all the small details. like the bends and shapes of the edges on the fins, down to the way it’s assembled with that long bolt in the vertical brackets.

Also those mounting brakets on the side are very close to the original ones:

The  main difference is that this one is made of all-steel, whil the original is made out of steel fins with aluminum vertical brackets. I didn’t weight them, but holding them in the hands at the same time, i couldn’t really feel any huge difference as the main weight is in the steel fins anyway.

Another small difference is that the original outer mounting brackets are originally riveted to the vertical aluminum brackets, while here they are spotwelded (since here everything is from steel). It’s of course not original, but it gives it a smoother look and more rigidity.
Also note the square vs oval mounting hole of the bracket.

As you may know, the grille came in different shapes. I have this odd one where the top three fins are long (as usual) but then the 4th is shorter, for whatever reasons, before the three regular short ones come. I think i will cut my resurrected grille with a dremel tool to get the original look. So far this seems to be a pretty solid alternative to the original damaged grille. I know there are other replicas, and used original ones to buy, but this looks like a good solution to me.
The few grams in extra-weight and the minimal visual differences to the original will most probably never be spotted by anyone, while the improved rigidity and absence of rust definitely make up for it. Once the Car is back in my workshop, i have to test-fit it and see how it looks and fits and if i’ll shorten that 4th fin.

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