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240Z: Hoarding issues – Documents and Automobilia Lots

Lately i’ve been purchasing a lot of stuff for the project and related documents and automobilia. Just when i got additionally offered a complete lot of documents from a big collector. Due to covid related delays, the different orders from several weeks and months ended up arriving at my place all within a few days…  If you look at the picture below, quite a lot of stuff! Some things just came with the lots, and i will not keep them, even if nice stuff though. Nevertheless, here’s what was in my mail yesterday. In the next part of the story, i will show you a huge pile (two cars and a trailer full) of nice parts i picked up yesterday from an old barn…

So what was is all that? First a bunch of swiss Datsun memorabilia: including a vintage swiss datsun plastic bag, sales window cards, spare-parts bag, patches, a beer coaster, folders, matchstick boxes, etc…

One of the coolest parts here is definitely the 1971 Geneva International Motor show press release folder, including the 240Z and information about the Z beeing shown at their booth.

But what is even cooler. The press release states you can order Lithographic master plates from Datsun (Suisse) SA, for your own catalogue production, and it came with one of those lithography master plates. With exactly the same picture as shown in the press release and which is also used in some of the official swiss Z-documentation:

Then i found another press release. This time from 1972, about the introduction of the 240Z in switzerland:

From germany, i got a set of service manuals and a parts catalogue, which somehow seem to be photocopies of original ones. Not sure exactly who made those, since they’re quite good quality and have an “official” feel to them. Maybe Datsun / Nissan germany replicated them themselves?

I collected also a bunch of magazines, which include stories of interesting cars that are not your standard Z-car tests:

An original swiss 240Z magazine ad (also seen in other countries with the same picture, but different text)

Various random Datsun and Z-related magazine tests:

A bunch of vintage Z and ZX related parts catalogues (Some of the companies do not exist anymore, or have different names now…)

A set of japanese S30 and L-series related Mooks (Magazine books)

Including this nice Nostalgic speed motor calendar (Sorry for the blurry photo)

A bunch of key holders. Not sure if any of these where officially released by nissan or if all of them are 3rd party stuff.

various stickers

Sew-on patches and a little C110 Skyline Kenmeri Diecast car:

Various User manuals, dealer list and empty document folders from the austrian datsun Import company (which does not exist anymore):

Various apparel and a Datsun banner:

Japanese nissan chronicles and history books:

Which seem very informative, but still have to go through them:

The japanese fold-out sales brochure for the Fairlady Z:

Some new (re-issued) Tomei vintage stickers:

A japanese Fairlady Z Parts catalogue:

Random parts and bits for my project:

And the cooles part: The “Breadbox” triple mikuni Airboxes, which where used on some of the works rallye cars, and where also optional “competition” equipment.

The ones i got are japanese MS Kubo replicas with slightly different locking mechanism. Original ones are rare to find and expensive. And since i’m not even sure if i can install them here street-legally, i decided not to go too crazy about finding original ones. But then i still liked them so much, i had to have them. Here’s a picture of the competition parts catalogue, listing the original ones:

Stay tuned for the next part of the story, which includes a Barn and loads of stuff. but now i need to sort through all the parts first and take nice pictures 🙂

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