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240Z: The big “Barn Find” parts lot

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is for sale – Do not ask me, thanks!
What qualifies something as a “barn find” has been discussed previously. But nevertheless, i found these parts covered in dust in an old shed. They were not exactly “forgotten about”, but stored there in many years. The story behind them unfortunately includes a bit of human tragedy. After many years, i was the lucky one to buy the whole lot. Well sort of. Since i’m not exactly a hoarder and did not want to have many more parts of those i already own, i made an agreement with a Friend who basically bought the whole lot and i was the one to handle it. In return i got some rare, free and much-needed parts from the lot.
So let’s start: A while ago i learned from a nice gentleman and z-owner who had some small parts for sale. After some first talks, it turned out we had the same interests, and then he told me about what he had in storage – and it was much more than i had expected. Since his z-restauration is completed now, he doesn’t need the parts anymore and was willing to sell them. Talk about good timing! After some first parts viewing, assessment, calculations and negotiation with all of the stakeholders, i was able to make a deal. This is the little shed in some swiss countryside….

Most of the parts where stored in the upper level and only accessible via an unsteady ladder. But hey – who cares if there are NOS genuine datsun parts?
I was initially only interested in the sheetmetal parts, mostly the datsun original parts. But they were only for sale as a lot. Well and then we agreed on buying the whole parts Lot including all the used and aftermarket parts too, so he could clear out the whole stock at once.

Last weekend, i was finally able to pick up the parts. First we had to get everything down from the roof-level and outside.

And then put it all into two transporter-cars and an additional trailer:

So the last days i spent in my garage sorting through all the parts. I made three piles. Left is used original Parts, Center are aftermarket parts and right are NOS genuine Datsun / Nissan parts. On the wall to the right you can see some additional big items…

Which includes some funky window louvres, a used hatch glass and a new aftermarket Windshield:

Additionally a set of Doors, hood and hatch from a donor-car:

The “holy grail” is definitive the NOS parts lot which includes air-channels, complete front inner fenders, a set of front valances, frame-rails, hubcaps, weather strip, trim pieces and many small bits.

These are some of the parts that will end up on my build, if required. I’ve been looking for those for many years now, so i’m quite happy i finally found them!

The used parts lot included everything from an uncracked dashboard to original steelies, radiator frame, Headlight covers, an A-type 5-speed transmission, Euro-spec front spoiler, Euro turn signals and much, much more…

The aftermarket-lot included a lot of older, but unused parts from all kind of sources. A complete Hood, 3 front fenders, inner and outer rocker panels, rear lower corners, door repair panels, rear arch repair panels, a set of vintage Koni dampers, Aisin-seiki clutch cover, brake shoes and much more… It has been an exhausting but also very fun and satisfying journey to get all those parts. They’re now safely in storage and will end up on some pretty nice restauration projects, which deserve such nice parts!

So again, as a friendly reminder, None of the parts are for sale. All of them have either been sold already or are for my own build. Sorry..


  • Drew Edwards

    That is an awesome find, pity the NOS parts like the air channels etc cannot be used as models that remake them for others.

    Amazing what is out there…..

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi Drew, thanks for the comment. i think companies like KFvintagejdm, S30.world and tabco are currently all hard working on recreating those parts. Many of tham have scanned parts from original cars, so there is no need for those panels. Also i know at least one of the company has already received original NOS panels for recreating new parts. The problem is it takes a lot of time and money to produce the stamping tool and masters. I guess over the next months and years we can expect a lot of high quality repro parts on the market.

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