240Z Project

240Z: Bronze oil pump gear, Window trim pieces & more Bodypanels

So today another bunch of parts arrived:

First a bunch of goodies from Sean over at datsun-zstory.com in France.
A Bronze upgrade worm gear for the oil pump:

Something similar has been on sale by Nissan (in this catalogue they state it’s brass, but in some others, they mention it’s bronze too).

Here’s a phote of the japanese Nissan “Race & Rallye Preparation manual” showing the “Spindle Oil Pump drive” and mentions the improved durability using this, and that it comes from an “old Cedric”. If i get the translation right, this was used previously as a standard Oil pump gearing in an early Nissan Cedric car. Interesting.

And a set of replica stainless steel window corner trim pieces, which he just recently released. It’s also planned to release the longer parts soon too. so maybe i’ll get a set of those too. from my first glance they look excellent!

And then another bunch of panels from KFVintageJDM parts in Bogota. After we decided to redo the work on the right side, that my previous panel beater did so-so. I thought let’s just buy whatever is available so i have it on hand if needed. i can easy sell thos items anytime if i don’t need them and i didn’t want to make any more unplanned orders. so basically i have almost every part of the usual problematic areas in stock and ready to be replaced. It’s easy for a skilled panelbeater to make such panels by hand, but if you look at all these die-stampted details from the KFVintage parts, made as close as possible to the original panels, i have to say it will become hard to get all the details right. so here we are.

I Will visit the bodyshop next week to have a look at the progress, So far i haven’t got any feedback, which worries me a bit, but is nice if they prefer to work on the car instead of texting and sending photos. I’ll see..

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