240Z Project

240Z: Anniversary Badges, Stickers, Jo-Jo and chassis cleaned out

Today i got some cool parts from my Man Stev, in exchange for a few documents:

First of all a Datsun Jo-jo, which i haven’t seen yet and must have been some advertising item back in the days:

Then those 50th Annversary Badges in blue and red. I know there is a black vesrion too and a special one for the 300ZX 50th anniversary edition, but these ones ar e different and i’m not sure if they’re made for a specific car model, or just a geunine nissan item for any car? Anyhow i really like them, complete with original packing, mounting materials and installation instructions:

Then got the yellow missing sticker to complete my (german) set of Datsun stickers – thanks a lot Stev!

A few days ago also got this sticker:

So now my “world of Datsun” sticker set is also complete. at least i haven’t seen any others so far from this series:

Oh and while working in the garage i decided to vacuum clean out the chassis from the remaining blasting media. Now she’s clean for bodywork!

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