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240Z: Datsun Differential Service guide & Book

So since i’m working on the R180 diff, a some nice people pointed out that there’s a special Service manual for this. Luckily one was available for sale just that time, along with another book which i saw recently and was missing in my 240Z reading collection:

The differential service guide is an Datsun USA made service manual for various R- and H- Differentials by Datsun and is brilliant. It explains the working priciple, the differences of the manuals and obviously, the service. it comes with calculation tables for settings and a lot of background information about the various diff.

It’s basically an englisih translation of the original Nissan JP factory differential service manual.  But it being english makes it much more convenient to understand 🙂

Registered ClassicZcar users can download a digital copy of the english version for free here: https://www.classiczcars.com/articles/engine/differntial-manual-r115/

The second book which i bought, was a Z-book i haven’t seen before. The “Dastsun Z Series – the Complete story” by David G Styles.
It made me especially curious because the writer was an Englishman and not an American, and the cover features an Euro-Spec Z, so my hope was that there was a bit of a focus on the european market cars compared to the usual American / Japanese focus.
Well i was wrong. It’s honestly pretty much bullshit. A LOT of the usual (false) Goertz praise for his achievments, a lot of design comparison to Jaguars and Ferraris 250 GTO and really nothing new or interesting when it came to the design, development, production or testing of the cars.
Even though the writer mentions a lot of japanese sources on the first pages, it seems that the Japanese had no big influence on this book and rarely a japanese name gets dropped.
I didn’t expect much but at the end it wasn’t even able to fullfill that. Nevertheless, one more for the “nonsense” section of books in my shelve.

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