EK9: Cleaned and new “H-Badges” installed

I’m not that kind of guy that spends every saturday washing his car four hours. I like my cars clean but i’m sure every car detailer would have a hard lough looking at what i call a “clean” car. so i thought it was upon time to give the car a proper wash. Well at least for what i’m capable of. This was done over the period of a few months. but let’s start in the beginning. Last fall i found an old buttle of tar and insect remover and thought i’d give it a try:

What started with a simple test quickly escalated to an afternoon full of cleaning. after giving it a quick garden-hose wash…Β 

I pulled out my cleaning wax ball to remove the small Resin dots from the trees around my house. This worked out great

And an hour later the car was shiny as ever…

Decided to give it another quick wash with demineralized water at the local washing station:

Then put it for hibernation but not before giving the rubbers some care with a silicone stick:

And putting a moisture-collector inside to keep it dry…

And while at it anyway, why not give the cockpit some lotion with a nice smell?

After getting it out of hibernation a few weeks ago i thought i still want to give it a better cleaning. so i pulled out my trusty KΓ€rcher with the Foam-gun tool. this stuff is awesome.

After a bit of a high-pressure wash and cleaning with a micro-fiber towel it was time for the “real” job…

Replacing the old faded Honda “H”-emblems. carefully removed it by use of a wrapped screwdriver and a heat gun.

Took my quite some time to get rid of the old nasty sticky stuff

Here’s a comparison. Left new and shiny, right old and faded…

Here we go. new emblem installed.

And same on the rear. Just a small detail but looks way better.

Took my wife for a short spirited evening drive and took some photos on the way. Will have to return to this place for a proper photoshoot πŸ™‚

While driving i figoured out it could need a little vacuum-cleaner job as well. so got that done today.

Ya’ all know that cleaning is a neverending story. But somehow i feel it’s ready for the summer-season now. I think within the next years i’ll spend some money on giving it a professional polishing and waxing job. But for now it’ looks good πŸ™‚

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240Z: Mikuni / Solex PHH Manual and parts catalogues

Not even sure yet if i will end up with solex / Mikuni Triple carbs but, when i was ordering some parts from Japan and saw this set of Manuals for 10 bucks i just couldn’t resist.

It’s a set of three Manuals / parts catalogue copies in high quality by Mikuni Kogyo corp and Tokiwa (Mikuni / Solex agent in Japan).

This one even features a nice picture of the S20 Engine.

Now also figoured out the same seller sells new sets with an additional Manual… Still have to read through it though. quite a bit busy atm and can’t find time to study all this stuff thoroughly.

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EK9: New original sales brochure. reorganizing my documentation

With my 240Z project going on, i realized it gets harder (and more expensive) to come along original documentation and prints for your car. As a good quality documentation immediately upps the value of a collectors car (if you can call a 240Z or EK9 so), i decided it may be a good time to get this stuff while still available. So today i got a big envelope from Japan including the original Sales brochure, Price list with options, Accessories list and a cool leaflet with some brief Civic history overview πŸ™‚

Luckuly the sales brochure was in excellent condition:

While at it anyway i decided it’s a good opportunity to look what i have and reorganize my shelf a bit. First i got the original Japanese Civic / Civic Feiro / EK9 Service manual with a lot of specs and information. Right site is the Civic HyperRev magazine with the EK9.

Then got a lot of Tuner-catalogues as well sinec their new catalogues don’t feature the EK9 parts anymore. We have two different Spoon sports catalogue:

Some of my Mugen catalogues (got some more…)

Toda racing, Feel’s Twincam, Zero1000 / Top Fuel, J’s racing and Vision / Technicasport.
Only a small selection. but i think these are the most Important and Honda-related catalogues. Since sun is out al week i might get her out of hibernation and out for a ride this weekend πŸ™‚

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240Z: RH rear quarter cut & hood rod arrived

Facebook groups can suck. While there are always guys beeing A**holes on the internet, sometimes you really run into nice people that help you with your needs and do that happily as well! Recently i asked around if someone had a RH rear quarter panel in usable shape for sale, so my bodyshop doesn’t have to make one from scratch (which is a lot more expensive over here). And a guy called Crow Aries immediately was in. It took a while to get all sorted out, but he even was kind enough to remove the old paint before shipping (didn’t even ask for this!). Thank you so much sir! This is the car it was removed from:

After some blasting and cleaning:

Needs some minor work but still way better than getting this whole panel made from scratch. With this the RH-side of the car’s body should be completed soon πŸ™‚

Oh and he was also kind enough to throw in a hood rod in the package since it appears that i accidentally sold the one i had.. Thanks again sir. Appreciate to deal with you!

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EK9: New H-Emblems

Nothing big, but with my last delivery from Japan, i got a set of brand new Honda H emblems for the front and the rear of the EK9, because the old ones have faded. Will replace them soon to get it back to it’s former glory. All about the details, right? πŸ™‚

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240Z: Chin spoiler sanded, Hayashi parts, Enkei mags and other parts from JP

You just have to love the days, when this is in your mailbox (or next to it):

But let’s start in chronological order. On saturday i decided it’s time to get rid of the old paint (Part two) of the lately acquired chin spoiler. Since the weak paint stripper (stronger ones are forbidden now in Switzerland). didn’t do anything i got out my CSD Disks and that worked pretty well.. Before:

And about an hour later:

Yesterday the first package then showed up at the door. A set of Dixcel front disks for the OEM Brakes (for use with the MK63 solid type calipers). I decided to go for the optional black painted center-hubs, just for the looks and to prevent the area from surface rust, which is quite common there…

And today some more stuff showed up at my door. Pitworks oil filter (mainly bought it because it was cheap and fitted in the same box for free..)

The lately released Hayashi oil filler cap. in an awesome packing that only the japanese can do πŸ™‚

Set of genuine JAF Emblems (not sure if i will put them on the car, but i liked it). will post some details about this in another post…

Mspeed firewall rubber grommet

Well and a little blingy Z-keychain (From mspeed), because i didn’t have anything to put my keys on and it fitted in the package for free..

Set of NOS brake pads. not interested in the pads themselves, but needed the metal-shims, which i messed up from my original set…

Then some reading stuff. Japanese Z-story book. looks promising but have to study it first:

Japense (later version) Z432-R & 240ZΒ  Race & Rallye preparation manual…Β 

has lots of technical information about how to prepare the car and some additional information.

Nostalgic Hero S30Z only book.

Seems to have some interesting cars and information inside as well…

Oh and then a beautiful set of old used but restoreable Enkei mag wheels…

Unfortunately the Shirt and Wheels are not for me or my project. I just helped a friend get them here. but because they’re nice i thought i’d share the pictures anyway πŸ™‚

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240Z: Rear hatch window investigation, Race & Rallye magazine

Time for another update. I lately stumbled on the Nissan / Datsun USA Technical service bulletin about the change of the hatch window rear defroster lines from Vertical to horizontal:

Since i had been wondering why my cars (which were built close together) came with two different types of windows, which i figoured out lately, it cought my interest and i started to look closer.
Car 1. SNR:Β  HLS30-56801came with old horizontal lines. Registered in March 1972

Car 2. SNR: HLS30-59660 came with Vertical lines.Registered in May 1972

Strange enough, the SNR of my (European spec) cars are one Digit shorter than the ones mentioned in (American) Service bulletin. Both my cars were built in late 1971, but i assume the date in the Service bulletin is not the production date of change, but the release date of the document. Given the lead time of the cars from production to first registration in switzerland, and the lead time from Production change to the release of the Service bulletin. i guess my two cars, built close together just happend to be around the change. Also it is a prove that there is nothing like a “Series 1” car mentioned often. My “older” car doesn’t have the vented hatch / side emblems, but it still came with “old” type window.
Service bulletin 231 (1976 introduction of the Datsun 280Z, America) also mentions a 6-digit VIN (HLS30-6digits). So i guess we just got a different vin-Block for european cars? I checked both my stamped serials as well as the VIN-plate. Both my cars only have HLS30-5digits

Oh and then got some interesting read from the UK. Race & Rallye magazine Jan. 1993

It features 15 Pages intresting background information about the Works 240Z rallye cars.

Including a variety of side-stories around them. Still have to read through it, but it seems very promising πŸ™‚

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SHOW: Geneva International Motor Show

Yesterday me and my friend Danny went to the renowned Geneva international motorshow to look at the latest and greatest that the motoring world has to offer. I’ll concentrate on the Japanese cars in this post and i’m happy to say there wgtere some interesting cars πŸ™‚
After entering the show the first car on display was this 2JZ swapped IS350 Drift monster from swiss driver Franz “Hunki” Hunkeler, sporting a full Kazama Auto widebody kit.
It even appears to be the Ex Kazama D1 car (beeing RHD) if you look closer…

After walking through the accessory halls and entering the real show, one of the first booths to see was Kato-san’s Liberty walk / LB-works booth with his latest creations. Aside from their usual Lamborghinis and a Mustang, there was also this Airbagged and widened Nissan GT-R. Not my cup of tea but you have to admit it can’t get any more japanese than this.

A bit further into the Hall, bridgestone tires had this Lexus RC500 on Display:

Fast forward to the next hall, Mazda had it’s booth with two stunning concepts, showcasing the next generation Kodo design language Mazda 6 with the “Vision coupe”:

and the Kai Concept for the Mazda 3. The new design language seems to be much cleaner and smoother than the previous ones. I really liked it and it gives it some extra elegance. But somehow i guess the final product will probably look a bit tamer.

Aside from the complete current lineup, they also premiered the new facelifted Mazda6 / Atenza.

Honda and Toyota had surprisingly big booths with a lot of Motorsports influence. Starting at the Honda booth where they had some of their formula race machines showcased:

My personal highlight at their booth however was the New NSX GT3 in all it’s dry carbon glory:

Next to it was the Honda Civic TCR (Touring car series) built by J.A.S Motorsports

Of course the new NSX and civic typeR were also on display and gathered quite afew people around it:

Toyota / Lexus had quite a few race-machines on display too, like their current Yaris WRC Machine:

And an offroad Gazoo racing Hilux:

The big hit however was of course the first glimpse at the new upcoming Supra in form of the gazoo racing supra concept car. Somwhow i really like how it looks and still reminds me of the old supra.

Here’s the BMW Z4 at the BMW booth which was a co-development with the Supra, just for comparison. Somehow i like the supra a lot more, not just because it’s “japanese”.

Aside from all their other current hybrids, they had the TS050 LMP1 Hybrid machine at their booth too, which i thought was pretty cool:

Nissan however had quite the boring booth if you ask me – with the new March / Micra and so on. However they had the current GT-R on display which was always surrounded by many people.Β  Β Β 

And they had a cool display showing some kind of formula car concept with a video show below to show it in motion, all hanging from the wall.

The subaru lineup wasn’t really showing anything about the rallye heritage, aside from the current Subaru WRX sti. However the viviz Tourer concept, which is probably showing the next generation Impreza / STi, was a real stunner if you ask me. Really loved the angular shooting-brake design and the colour was cool to.

Don’t remember the booth anymore, but at some point there was this Camry NASCAR machine, which i had the pleasure to see in action a few years ago.

After all, it was a cool show with some nice previews on the next generation japanese cars and without beeing too much about autonomous driving and more about real cars.
Of course mitsubishi, Isuzu and suzuki were there too, but had nothing really that cought my interest to be honest, so i didn’t make any photos.

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240Z: Swiss sales brochure

I realized i never shared the swiss 240Z Sales brochure which i got from my good friend Stefan a while ago. and thought it’s upon time.

These are scans from above original printed sales brochure which he found and donated to me. It was found in an old stock at an ex Datsun, now nissan Dealership. Enjoy the read πŸ™‚

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240Z: Rubber vs Polyurethane T/C Rod bushings comparison

Time for a little more knowledge today πŸ™‚ After i posted pictures from my T/C rod bushings in various forum-threads, people replied that i should swap to rubber in the back. After discussing a few topics i figoured out that original rubber bushings are still available new from Nissan and ordered a set, which i was able to pick up today:

The problem: According to many people, the T/C rod tends to brake at the yellow area, when PU-bushings are used both in front and rear of the Frame-rail mount. This due to much counterstrength whith the hard PU-bushings.

For sciences’ sake i decided to compare both setups with an original NOS 240Z frame rail i have in my shop.
Top: Front PU / rear Rubber
Bottom: Front PU / rear PU

1st: Both PU. Fits perfect, but it’s very stiff, both compression and angle-movement wise.

Second: Front PU / rear rubber.
You still have the advantage of PU-front (less rearwards movement during compression, red arrow), while having more freedom of angle-movement (yellow arrow) and therefore minimized the chance that the T/C rod will brake.

Update: Forgot to add that information and i guess a lot put the big washers the wrong way. But this is the correct way to go (Thanks Jay Goldstein for the Input):
Front ———)[]][[](—Rear

So thanks all for the inputs and advice and i’ll definitely stick with the PU / Rubber combination for best performance and with least failure rate πŸ™‚

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