240Z: Optional passenger footrest arrived

Two weeks ago i found a footrest for the 240Z for sale on a local ads-website. I remember i’ve seen them before but never really investigated about them. Both my cars came without them. This particular item was from a 260Z 2+2 and got a fair price-tag, so naturally it gathered my interrest.

Turns out that the parts fiches say that it’s the same unit as used in the 240Z (both LHD and RHD) and was an optional item. I love optional stuff. and since it was cheap and seemed to be in easy restoreable shape, i had to get it 🙂

And yesterday i finally got the package with it. It’s a bit rough around the edges but when in bring my next bunch uf parts for sandblasting and powerdercoating this will go in the same delivery:

I’m not really sure how “rare” this item is, but i think i’ve never seen it on a swiss car. And as a serious parts-hoarder i love to collect these things anyway 🙂

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GARAGE: Workshop and Garage decoration

So, today i finally spent the afternoon decorating the workshop and garage with all the stuff i’ve collected over the years 🙂

Also installed a vacuum cleaner mounting system, so i can store it nicely…

Decided to hang the original EK9 exhaust system at the wall because it looks nice and saves some space 🙂

Then hung up the Toda Power Banner. Unfortunately my concrete drill broke, so i wasn’t able to hang up more stuff today 🙂

But i’m happy with the results and some more boxes on the to-do list are ticked now 🙂

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240Z: Another two books about the Fairlady Z arrived

Well yeah, i have yet another two new books to add to my ever evolving list of Z-related books i have to read and translate when i find some time.
1) Fairlady Z Story and history, Vol. 1 – The 50th Anniversary Chronicles.
A book about the history of the Z including the development

It contains some backgroundinformation. for example about road testing in America:

And some of the racing cars. I’ve just been flicking through it yet, but it seems it seems to focus on the car globally with pictures showing old woking station, american race cars but also the japanese. so this might be an interessteing one 🙂

2) Japanese masterpiece series [Vol.12] – Nissan Fairlady
This book is actually a bit older (released in August 1973).

The cool thing is, it contains some backgronud information but also a lot of nice drawings and technical information about the different version. as shown below.

Still have to read it as well, but they seem to be (aside from the factory books) some of the more promising and serious books i bought. But i still have to prove my initial feelings about them 🙂

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240Z: Rear lower valance comparison

So lately i had the opportunity to compare my two rear lower valances which i had..
The first one i got from MSA (not sure who is the manufacturer. and the second one which i bought later from Auto Panel solutions UK. I wanted to give you a little quality comparison by laying them next-to-next and compare the details. The raw Metal one is from MSA, and the yellow coated one is from Auto Panel solutions.
1) What you can clearly see is the non-existens of coating on the raw-metal one. So after a while they start to rust, even if stored in a relative dry place:

2) The second big difference is that the yellow one is slightly rounded, like the original panels, while the MSA ones are completely flat and need a lot of adjustment to get the original shape.

3) Then the shape of the exhaust exit, which is closer to the original ones on the Yellow panels.
4) Then there’s also an original bent little lip on the bottom side on the yellow one, like in the original panels, while the MSA panels just have a straight, sharp edge at the bottom end.
5) and last but not least, the location and sizes of the holes, which are different on both panels. 

I don’t want to do any recommondations on what tu buy here. That’s up to you. I just wanted to show you the differences. They might seem small, but if you want to have a good looking car, you can spend a lot of time getting those little details right…

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ATENZA: Auto Folding mirror kit installation

Just before christmas i got my automated Folding mirror Kit. An OEM Mazda accessory piece, which came installed from factory in some trim levels and some versions. The kit kontains of some sort of a relay, a little wiring-harness extension, some zip-ties and an additional plug, plus the manual and some double-sided tape.

With the additional help from Mr. Google, i was able to remove the doorpanels:

I also recommand to shorten the original wiring harness protection a bit. without that it’s impossible to install it later…

You have to install the wire harness extension be removing some pins from some plugs, and add them to the new plugs, etc. I recommend this type of work only if you have experience with plugs and wires. otherwise you might destroy actually more then you improve the whole thing. This is how it looks when finnished:

And after everything is assembled: The mirrors magically fold in, once the car is closed (by key-unit), or once you start the car (power button). Only made a little test-drive after install, but already love this little addition 🙂 And took me roughly 1,5 hours to install it…

And while at it anyway, i also installed the 2020 highway toll sticker 🙂

Once the optional roof spoiler is back from the paintshop i will have more work done on the mazda. And then i guess i should concetrate mor on my datsun again 🙂

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EK9: New Battery Charger

Long time readers might know that i had my fair share of problems with the EK9 batteries dying due to unter-useage and environmental (cold) temperature in my previous garages.
This is better now in my new garage but still not perfect. so a few years ago i bought a cheap-ass (35.- Bucks) Battery charger at a local discounter sale. It worked OK but was never a perfect solution. A few days ago i noticed a ticking sound from the charger and the LED blinking instead of glowing. Ah – clearly the power supply was blown up. and finally i had a reason to buy a more professional Item. Usually people go with Ctek brand, but i went for the AEG. it’s basically the same. same price range and more or less same features. This is a mid-range item with 4A maximum current.

Had it clamped to the car immediately and it started charging straight away 🙂

It has an 8-phase charging cycle with different voltages and currents to improve battery lifetime. And once the battery is charged, it will keep on discharging and charging it like if you daily-drive it.

What i like especially about this one is the accessories. It has an array of short cable adapters which can be mounetd directly to the battery terminals and then you just connect the charger to the small plug instead of having the clamps at the battery. Perfect for cars that are more in storage than actually driven… like your weekend- or seasonal cars…

We’ll see how long this one is alive 🙂

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240Z: Another visit to the Bodyshop

Last week i visited my Bodyshop guy to discuss a few next steps and details and make a payment for that 🙂  I got promised that work should continue by the end of this week.
Nothing special to show you, but while i was there i took some snaps of the car and some details and thought i’d like to share them with you:

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ATENZA: Roof Spoiler Paintshop test

For small work i prefer to bring my stuff for painting to a local paintshop. It’s a Paintshop shared by multiple painters and they do all kind of work. Even if it’s a kind of backyard operation workshop, their work is very professional and the man who paints my stuff is very nice, helpful and experienced too. So just before the end of year i brought my mazda roof spoiler to paint it in 25D Mazda Snowflake white pearl.

I thought i’d just leave the paint-code and part to get the work done and pick it up in a few weeks again. But once The painter realized that it’s a metallic AND pearl-effect paint he noted it’s a bit tricky to get the right amount of the effect-layer (metal-flake and Pearl-effect) to have the exactly same hue as the rest of the car. So he decided to give it a test-run and check it out with the rest of my car to match it perfectly.
So here he starts to mix the paints:

Here you can clearly see the Pearl effect colour:

Multiple layers of base colour, Effect (Metal flakes and Pearl-effect) and clearcoat sprayed in the cabin:

And then we went out in the sun to compare it with the original colour on the car. Luckily he hit the effect perfectly in the first attempt.  So i guess soon i will be able to pick up a spoiler in the correct colour. I guess this was an unexpected hour spent well 🙂

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ATENZA: Auto Folding mirror kit arrived

Got a package from the UK Today with a little upgrade for my Mazda 6:
The C850-V7-650A Mazda OEM Auto folding mirror kit
I know this item was available on higher trim-levels but not on mine. And now it’s not available as an optional upgrade item in switzerland anymore. You may still be able to order it from an local mazda dealership most probably, but i bought it pretty cheap on ebay new and original while browsing through some ads.
The kit will automatically fold in the mirrors, once the car is shut down. Since i have to park in a tight spot at my work, i really like the idea to prevent the mirrors from damage and save some space between the cars.

The kit containts more or less of a small add-on wiring-loom with a relay-socket. A motor controller relay and some zip-ties and mounting equipment, as well as an 53 page printed manual on how to install it. This will be a fun little side-project over the next few weeks 🙂
The kit fits on a variatey of other cars in the current mazda lineup too.

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240Z: Passenger floor pan in, pt 1

So, My panelbeater started work on the passenger side floors. Those hungarian-made floor pans came in.. before:

After: Still have to be welded etc. but overall fitment looks nice.

Here is the bottom side fitment together with the NOS frame rails. Seems pretty spot-on!

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