240Z: Got a Microfiche reader to read those old Nissan / Datsun Microfiches

A while a go a i scored an (incomplete) set of old Nissan / Datsun Microfiches of the 240Z / S30 chassis in germany for almost nothing. I tried to scan them using a flatbet scanner as some suggested, but the results were terrible.
When i found out that my company (beeing a several hundred years old machinery company) has some of those standing around in the mechanical department, i asked if i could borrow one to check my microfiches. and today i brought one home:

Microfiches are like Dia’s, a kind of minimized drawings or part lists on a film type piece of plastic. The microfiche reader is more or less a projector. You insert one of the film cards, which is labelled for example with “S30 Chassis”:

And then you can zoom in. By moving around the card you can check the different sections.

and then zoom in more and more until you get the page you want:

Like for example the steering section:

The data in the microfiche is nothing special. it’s available in digital form (Nissan FAST or E-Fast software), printed form (Parts manual / R-Drive parts lists) or even as scanned versions of the Microfiches. However it’s fun to tinker around like they did back in the day and i will sure have my fun during the COVID-19 Lockdown time to go through the microfiches and check for some data i didn’t know yet.

Since those Microfiche readers are for sale cheap, im thinking of buying a second-hand unit just for fun and for having the parts fiches accessable directly in the workshop.

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240Z: Passenger floorpan in, Front fender & Hatch test fit

Good news. My Panelbeater is working hard on my car atm and there’s some progress, so i visited him (with 2 meters distance of course, because #Coronavirus).
So the passenger floor pans are in and will be completed soon:

Looking good in my opinion:

To get everything aligned was a bit of a headache, even with the best parts available, but looks good now.

So today i brought him the front fender. It needs the original edge line hammered back in, as some previous owner decided to hammer that flat.. terrible.. Luckily it’s the kind of job my panelbeater likes πŸ™‚
Starts to look like a car again, doesn’t it? Allthough the rocker panel needs some adjustment.

View from the rear. Also brought him the hatch to adjust everything but we didn’t test fit it yet.

Still a few days of work to adjust the rocker panel, get the floorpans welded in completely and have the Seat rail mounts back in. But then it’s up to the other side. which is luckily in much better state and i have much bigger, better and OEM Panels ready. so i hope work will be faster. I say that, knowing that my panelbeater takes his time to get it done right..

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240Z: behind-the-seat area back in

My bodyshop guy promised me to work on my car until end of march. so i hope there is some progress. the first update he sent me was fromΒ  the area behind the passenger seat.

There was some rust do to the previous owner storing it without a sunroof installed, during swiss winter, so snow collected inside the car and we know Z’s dont like any kind of moisture. Now looks better than ever and is nicely protected.

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240Z: Promodet Oil Pan – does anybody know it?

Currently (ending tomorrow) is an Oil pan for sale on YAJ for the L6 engine from famous japanese company “Promodet”. I was first going to bid on it, just because i lake to stock fancy japanese (street) racing parts, with some kind of rarity and a bit of a historical significance, if you want to call it that.

The price went over my limit already the second day, so i didn’t even start to bid. Especially whith those “cheap” repairs (drain bolt and looks like the baffle pan had some bolts repaired as well) and the general pretty worn shape..

But I’m still curious to learn about it. Promodet is now a japanese tuner mostly famous for Porsche stuff, so i wonder what parts they made back in the days for the L-series or even the S30 chassis? I want to learn about it. I think i’ve seen this oil pan for sale before, but maybe it was just a similar one..Β  if anybody has an input on this, please let me know in the comments or by the contact form.
It looks like cast aluminum or something, but i guess it’s pretty heavy. But i like the overall design with the baffle plate and cooling fins. However i guess there are better and lighter designs available on the market, but didn’t really have a look into that topic.
please let me know for any input, old catalogue scans or something. would be great to know…

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240Z: Original Seat bracket mounts out, sandblasted, primered and test fitted

Well the last week have been pretty busy at work, and i’m still working on some details of the house. but everything is finally calming down now and i have plans to kickstart the Z-project again soon and get some long overdue work done over the next months.
So i got in touch with my Bodyshop guy to discuss a few details and then i just got an update from him from today. The old seat brackets got removed and sandblasted:


And test fitted on the old cutout floorpan:

And theis is how they look on the new floorpan, ready to weld it all back together:

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240Z: Optional Passenger Footrest knowledge

Just a little update on the passenger Footrest i obtained just a few weeks ago from the interwebs. It gathered some interest by some people over at classiczcars and i got some inputs which i’d like to share with you.
1) Some people pointed out that there’s at least a second version of that footrest, on which the “feet” are facing the same direction (vs mine who has the feet in different directions):

This is how it looks installed on Kats January 1970 Z432:

To reinforce the floor he added big washers to the floorpans:

User Scotta pointed out that later cars came with pre-reinforced floorpans in that area, as his 1972 Z-L shows:

It seems that some of the many japanese trim-levels came with the optional passenger footrest as standard equipment. But also lower trim-levels which came without the footrest as this Z-S (standard) from August or September 1970 (picture by Kats) has the reinforcement areas in the floorpans:

It appears that these reinforcements were introduced to japanese market cars of all trim levels (except maybe the PZ-R aka Z432R) between january and August 1970. Both my Swiss-spec 1972 Cars came without those reinforcement, so i guess they were never introduced on the “Export” cars. At least on LHD versions. but i might be wrong.

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240Z: Behind-the-seat area passenger side almost completed

Nothing huge to show you, but i got another update from my Bodyshop guy. The area behind the passenger seat got formed out of a piece of sheetmetal and installed. ready to weld in all of that stuff, including the floorpan.

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EVENT: Japanclassic Switzerland 24. May 2020

I wasn’t able to make it the past two years, but since everything has calmed down, i’m really looking forward to this year’s event. The 12th annual Japaner Young and oldtimer meeting in switzerland.
Check out all informations on https://www.japanclassic.ch/
Or on the facebook page

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ATENZA: OEM Optional Roof spoiler painted and installed

Last week i was able to pick up my painted OEM optional /Β  Mazdaspeed roof spoiler from the paintshop and it looked as good as expected.

First you have to apply a lot of various sized seals and gaskets:

Then it was time to remove the inner Trunk cover. Luckily i bought a seat of interieur panel romaval tools on ebay for 17 bucks a wile ago. those things come in handy some times πŸ™‚

After unbolting 4 nuts, i was able to remove the old spoiler:

While at it anyway, i decided to give it a proper cleanup underneath, before installing the new spoiler:

That was the whole trick. Get the new one installed and that’s it πŸ™‚


After: Β Β 



And a quick direct comparison. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but that little difference immediately makes it look a bit more agressive, or sporty if you want. and makes the rear end a little less “bubbly” or bulky in my opinion. And then i’m curious to feel the high-speed stability and aerodynamic balance improvements which mazda uses to sell the Spoiler in their catalogue…. But that has to wait until i hit the Autobahn again next week…

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240Z: Optional passenger footrest arrived

Two weeks ago i found a footrest for the 240Z for sale on a local ads-website. I remember i’ve seen them before but never really investigated about them. Both my cars came without them. This particular item was from a 260Z 2+2 and got a fair price-tag, so naturally it gathered my interrest.

Turns out that the parts fiches say that it’s the same unit as used in the 240Z (both LHD and RHD) and was an optional item. I love optional stuff. and since it was cheap and seemed to be in easy restoreable shape, i had to get it πŸ™‚

And yesterday i finally got the package with it. It’s a bit rough around the edges but when in bring my next bunch uf parts for sandblasting and powerdercoating this will go in the same delivery:

I’m not really sure how “rare” this item is, but i think i’ve never seen it on a swiss car. And as a serious parts-hoarder i love to collect these things anyway πŸ™‚

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