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GARAGE: Datsun Banner Restauration, Pt II

A while ago, i got this original Datsun Banner from Germany. It looks like it has been modified a few times over it’s lifetime. The Logo is printed on some heavy duty Truck tarpaulin type of material. But it also was cut off. so i have no idea if it originally was a big Datsun Advertizing canvas, or maybe came from a truck or something else? Anyway. A few weeks ago i cleaned it, and it turned out really nice. However it still had this odd shape with the diagonally cutoff lettering on the left and the logo not in te middle of the rest. So after thinking about it for a while, today i decided it’s time to make a nice Logo-only, approx. 4:3 shape banner out of it:

So first i cut off the excess part:

Then carefulyl measured the location of the other eyelets and punched some holes:

Before installing the new eyelet: on the new left side edge.

Turned out pretty well, if you ask me. I know there is an additional corner reinforcement on the right side, but i wasn’t able to find any similar material, and it also doesn’t look like it was originally there, so i thought i can easy leave it as it is.

Now i only have to find a nice place to hang it. Until then it will cover my messy solvent shelve 🙂 Even though i cut it up, i think it’s much more usable now and nicer to look at.

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