GARAGE: Datsun Banner + Restauration

Remember the guy who sold me an old Datsun tool wall and some datsun Clothes a while ago? He recently contacted me again to tell me he found an old Datsun Advertizing banner in his dad’s former workshop. A part of it has been cut off and hi didn’t manage to clean the dirt off. So he offered it to me for 10 bucks plus shipping. I have never seen such a large original Datsun Banner for sale. So i thought i better get it, even though it’s not in the best shape. Today it arrived

A gentle scrub with some industrial cleaner and grease remover brought quite good results.

After an hour of work it looke dmuch brigher and less dirty. You can’t really see it in the photos, but t he difference is huge. But it still got that original patina, which i like too.

Now i only need to find a nice corner for it 🙂

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