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240Z: Datsun Switzerland official jackets / hoodies

A few days ago i found these Datsun Jackets for sale, and found out it was a friend of mine selling those. I thought they where cool, so i went and got them. Turns out those were unused, original swiss datsun merchangdising items.

Even tho they’re size L and XL they’re more of a childrens size, and made of a weird plastic material (polyester). it feels like it looks. Like wearing a trashbag or so. Nevertheless, i think they’re super funky and cool and just had to have them.

Since i have no clue what to do with them, and since i had a picture-frame leftover, i decided frame the nicer one of them and hang it on my garage wall as some decoration 🙂

I haven’t yet found out which year they were sold / handed away. But i know Datsun was quite actively promoting the brand in switzerland as scan from an Geneva international Automotive Salon (Autosalon Genf) magazine shows:


  • Drew

    Any chance I can talk you into sending the other one to Australia so I can do the frame thing for my shed please!

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hmm i’m currently still thinking about what to do with the second one. I’m not afraid sending things to australia, but since it’s such a rare piece of swiss datsun history, i’d like to keep it in the country. Im sorry and hope you understand.
      I’m pretty sure there where such things available in australia too and they usually pop up every now and then…

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