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OTHER: Honda dealer sign restauration, pt. 3 & Installation

So, after we left with a finished Sign on the table in part two, it was time to install it somewhere. I wasn’t sure where to put it. So i tested it in various positions. My initial plan to have it close to the Honda proved to be not the best location, because of the low ceiling height in that area.

At the end i decided to put it high up on the wall Next to the workshop entrance…

So first i removed everything again, installed it at the highest possible point:

Then got the LED tubes and Honda logo covers back in:

Had everything hooked up and wired to my smarthome controls (relay outputs)

And here we go: we have light:

Quite happy with the result. The Mobile phone camera tends to over-saturate photos a bit. in reality the lighting is much more even and not that pink-ish.
More car-related updates to come soon 🙂

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