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OTHER: JDMJ Stickers arrived, applied and garage improvements

Recently i fellt the urge to make JDMjunkies a bit more visible, when i bring my cars to shows, etc. So i ordered some stickers.

Naturally they had to go on the car immediately. First gave it a clean with the old Motorex glass cleaner i had standing around. I once got it as a promotion gift at a car show many years ago and i still use it every now and then.

And here we go on the Daily Mazda 6 / Atenza:

The EK9 got the same treatment.

And then i realized that my shelving could use a bit of improvement. Before:

After: It just fit by a mm or os and access to the power socket is now slighly blocked by the shelve but i think i never used it anyway and there are plenty of other power outlets around. At least it’s now a bit spacier to park the car there.
Also I finally made an appointment to get part 1 of the EK9 overhaul down. Just some basic stuff like a service, emission test and get all the rubber bushings done. I have however planned some cooler stuff, after that is done.

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