240Z Project

240Z: Hood ornament holes back in – & Car drying towel

The previous owner of my Z thought it was a brilliant idea to “clean” all the emblems, holes and other stuff from the body. so this is what my hood looked like:

For reference, this is what it should look like, with the two holes to install the Datsun Hood ornament (my spare hood shown):

So i got to work and marked and drilled back the holes in the original location:

The result turned out perfect (ornement not pushed completely in in th ephoto, so i could remove it again, but the the holes fit perfectly)

I also gave it a layer of primer, to protect the holes from rust, until it gets a proper paintjob. Ok i know the area was a bit of an overkill 🙂

Oh and then the postal guy delivered a “dryer” towel for car detailing / cleaning. It is a special towel to soak up a big amounts of moisture, when you want to dry your car after cleaning.
I’m not a detailing guy, but this one is really great and i always wanted to dry the car nicely after a wash, because i use to have some waterstains after cleaning. so this is perfect. I will give it a try after my next car wash and might do a little review. Allthough plenty of reviews on Youtube already 🙂

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