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GARAGE: Version 1.5: New shelves and other stuff in

Soooo, time for an Update on the Garage.  I’m working on Garage version 1.5. Not because i really planned to do so, but because of lucky circumstances i got hands on some neat stuff which now needs installation and relocation of a few things.

Aside from the big neon sign which needs a bit of extra-wiring to have it actuated with the light-switch, my company was parting out again. I missed the big auction where they sold off the complete assembly line stuff for cheap, but at the end it was luck, because it probably saved me a lot of money 😀 but even better so, the parts they didn’t sell during the auction where prepared for scrapping and i got all of this for 20.- bucks!!!

One double and one single heavy duty pallette-shelve (these things costs thousands, usually!) with a max. load of 6,4 tonnes each section!

A set of Lista drawers, which will go into my in-laws workshop in a few days:

And this fancy paper-towel boy with integrated trash bag mount:

This is how my parts-storage (aka our basement) looked before:

And this with the new shelve in. Everything is much better organized, needs less space and is easier accessible. and there’s even space for more parts 🙂

Same in the other corner, before:

and after… Note that it’s still a huge mess. I have a lot of small cleanup projects going on currently, so i emptied a lot of shelves to reorganize them, so everything is standing around,  But i hope my “reincarnation” of the Garage is finished soon, so i can work on my actual car projects again…

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