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GARAGE LIFE: Wheel changing season

Well winter is around the corner and i’ve just started to change wheels on our own cars and some of the family. Well. the lift and air-tools come in quite handy, to say the least 🙂

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HOUSE: The Garage / House / Workshop build progress pt. 3

So, i haven’t posted anything in a much too long while. The Site is not dead, nor are my projects, i’ve just been too busy with building my dream house and garage lately. Read part one here: And part … Continue reading

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240Z: Printed S30 Service manual, New Air compressor

My Job forced me to work in sunny Brazil for almost two weeks and when i came home i had a terrible cold. So updates were rare. However it’s christmas time and i got some cool stuff: Thanks to my … Continue reading

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GARAGE Life: Petrolified Kenmeri & Wall of wheels posters

I’m Planning to move into a new home in a few months so i need some new decoration 😀 After i already got the Poster from Starroad a while ago i just found these great Posters from Petrolified and immediately … Continue reading

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GARAGE LIFE: EK9 Calendar & Starroad Signed Poster

Well got some new stuff for decorating my Garage / Home: 1) Got a Calendar from They make one each year. Users can send in their pictures and then there is a Voting. My car/picture won the voting so … Continue reading

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240Z: I’m back

Has been way too long since the last update, but finally i got back to work: 1) Got a new shelve and cleaned up the mess in the garage: 2) decided to get some work done on the Engine – … Continue reading

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GARAGE: New tool cart

Nothing big, but my home gets a complete make-over soon so i’ll be able to move a lot of stuff from the garage out and have a lot of extra-space. So i plan to add some more shelves and workspace … Continue reading

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