• GARAGE: Version 1.5: New shelves and other stuff in

    Soooo, time for an Update on the Garage.  I’m working on Garage version 1.5. Not because i really planned to do so, but because of lucky circumstances i got hands on some neat stuff which now needs installation and relocation of a few things. Aside from the big neon sign which needs a bit of extra-wiring to have it actuated with the light-switch, my company was parting out again. I missed the big auction where they sold off the complete assembly line stuff for cheap, but at the end it was luck, because it probably saved me a lot of money 😀 but even better so, the parts they didn’t…

  • GARAGE: Vintage swiss Datsun dealer neon sign

    I’ve always wanted to decorate my workshop & Garage with some authentic Vintage datsun signs or so, but they’re not exactly easy to come by.. So when this one popped up, i had to get it immediately. Yesterday i undertook a 6 hour drive to the other, french speaking side, of the country, to pick up this vintage dealer sign. Due to the language barrier and short time we had, i wasn’t able to figure out the history. But the seller had other, similar signs, so i guess it must have been part of a combination with other signs outside a dealership in the french speaking area of switzerland. Nevertheless.…

  • GARAGE: ADVAN Nobori Flag

    I had the feeling that my garage needs a bit more decoration. But rather than buying fake-stuff i wanted to make sure i get some genuine stuff, without spending a fortune. Many “JDM” Brand fake-things are sold on ebay, but when i stumbled upon this Advan Nobori Flag, which perfectly fits my Advan Equipped EK9, and for a reasonable price too, i had to get it: I have no proof that it isn’t a fake thing, but the seller seemed legit (with not selling 100 similar flags with different prints) and was from Japan. And details like the marks on the packing and this little label on the flag made…

  • HOUSE: The Garage / House / Workshop build progress pt. 3

    So, i haven’t posted anything in a much too long while. The Site is not dead, nor are my projects, i’ve just been too busy with building my dream house and garage lately. Read part one here: https://www.jdmjunkies.ch/wordpress/2018-11-24/house-the-garage-house-workshop-build-progress/ And part two here: https://www.jdmjunkies.ch/wordpress/2019-03-10/house-the-garage-house-workshop-build-progress-pt-2/ So since the Project is nearing completion and i’m starting to plan the setup of my garage / Workshop, i wanted to give you another update about what happened the last months. The house is almost complete on the outside and inside. currently landscaping work is going on, while inside the last of cosmetic touches like hardwood floors, wiring etc is beeing completed: I do some of…

  • 240Z: Printed S30 Service manual, New Air compressor

    My Job forced me to work in sunny Brazil for almost two weeks and when i came home i had a terrible cold. So updates were rare. However it’s christmas time and i got some cool stuff: Thanks to my mate stev i got a printed version of the S30 Service manual: and thanks to my lovely girlfriend i got a nice air-compressor as a christmas gift. Wow, something i’ve wanted to buy for a while but always spent the money on other things 🙂

  • GARAGE Life: Petrolified Kenmeri & Wall of wheels posters

    I’m Planning to move into a new home in a few months so i need some new decoration 😀 After i already got the Poster from Starroad a while ago i just found these great Posters from Petrolified and immediately had to have them 😀 I only bought the “wall of wheels” and got the kenmeri poster for free. great quality and love the design. They will look great in my new home 🙂

  • GARAGE LIFE: EK9 Calendar & Starroad Signed Poster

    Well got some new stuff for decorating my Garage / Home: 1) Got a Calendar from Hondaholics.ch. They make one each year. Users can send in their pictures and then there is a Voting. My car/picture won the voting so i’m on the top cover and in the calendar now and got one for free 😀 And then i got this pretty nice limted edition (50 pieces) and numbered Poster from the famous Starroad Japan Fairlady, Which the shop owner of Starroad, Inoue-San signed himself! You can Buy these and other posters for a great price here at 7Tune. Check it out 🙂

  • 240Z: I’m back

    Has been way too long since the last update, but finally i got back to work: 1) Got a new shelve and cleaned up the mess in the garage: 2) decided to get some work done on the Engine – started to remove the valve cover and gasket: Love the oldschool mechanics: 3) wanted to remove the cylinder head then but found out i need to read a bit before i start with that so i tried to turn the engine manually and it cranks smoothly with a torque-wrench, at least i know it turns – good to know: that’s it for today, more stuff and work to come soon…

  • GARAGE: New tool cart

    Nothing big, but my home gets a complete make-over soon so i’ll be able to move a lot of stuff from the garage out and have a lot of extra-space. So i plan to add some more shelves and workspace to the garage.. thought i’ll start with a cool tool-cart i bought today 🙂