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GARAGE: Datsun Special Tool wall & Garage Entrance completed!

Our garage entrance belongs to the part of our in-laws house, but we’re allowed to use it, obviously. The father-in-law always tried to keep it tidy, but the compressed gravel somehow always ended up inside the garage.

So when our neighbours decided to build a house, he asked the concrete guys there if they could bring some extra concrete and do the garage entrance. They settled a deal and the work began:

Rebar got laid:

And fine concrete poured:

Then it got flattened:

My Father-in-law then took his time to complete the connecting stones, after the molds got removed:

But i have to admit the result is awesome. So much better than before. and now also much easier to load / unload stuff from / to the garage whith a pallette-trolley or so.

I also had that fancy datsun tool wall installed in my garage:

It starts to look like a Datsun dealership of the 70ies now 🙂

Quite happy with the result. Only wil get that red poster a nicer place whenever i know where to put it.  That’s it for now, but usally it won’t take long until i find something else to stuff in the “man cave”.
The next task on the list is a cleaning of the floor, which is highly needed, as you can see:

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