OTHER: NISMO 1986 September Catalogue

I bought something whith would hopefully help me solve the mystery about this Suspension: An September 1986 NISMO (Nissan MotorSports) Catalogue.
Nismo was only founded in 1984 officially, so it must be one of their very early catalogues.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that it’s very similar to the earlier “Nissan Sports option” catalgoues in style, so i think they just took over all the parts and layouts and added some more in the early days.
The main difference is that you have one catalogue for all their cars and products, rather than single leaflets for the individual cars.

So you will find all the usual suspects like MK63 brakes, competition suspension and other stuff. the Most “special” part maybe is this DR30 Group A Skyline parts on multiple pages:

I mainly bought it to figure out which this suspension belongs to. It was advertized fas fitting or the S30, but the part numbers do not fit. 

The numbering system fits with the Nissan numbering, as my suspension has 54302-I6230 and 54303-I6230, but sadly those are not listed in the catalogue.
The letter “I” indicates that it might have been added to their lineup later. I might try my luck again with a 90ies catalogue? I’m sure the numbers must be found somewhere.
because i also checked the 2007 NISMO street and NISMO Competition parts catalogue and no similar numbers are to be found there either.

Even though i didn’t find what i was hoping for it will be a good future reference book and will be handy in many cases. There’s also a nice FIA / JAF reference list at the end, which is a nice addon.

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