OTHER: Rare Honda Jazz / City Turbo II for sale!

Disclaimer. I don’t know the seller or the car, but this is beyond cool and rare , so i had to share it 🙂
A Honda Jazz / City turbo II.  One of the rare Honda’s that came with a turbo back in the day. Link to original sales ad here:

Ok the price ain’t cheap, the interieur seems a bit flashy, The mugen wheels might be a tad too new, but the Mugen Bodykit and the rest seems to fit.
Honestly i didn’t even know they made those in LHD and thought it was a japan special only.

Nevertheless, it seems like a quality build on the first glimpse. the old mugen wheels are there (even though i’m not sure if there wouldn’t be better fitting ones), and it seems complete.

Here’s the engine bay:

And hre some pictures from the Mugen 2005 catalogue showing the “racing” version:

I’m sure this thing is super fun, but in my opinion still needs a motocompo, a fitting interieur and some other details rectified to justify that price. Also does it not have any history, so noone can – from what i understand – where this thing comes from. how it ended up in switzerland, who modified it, etc.. I’m sure the seller can give some details, but overall it seems one of these cars which seem to be something super-cool and once you look closer they aint.
If the price would be cheaper, then it would for sure make a nice replica or something. But that is my opinion. still super nice, cool and rare to see one of those and i hope it ends up in a loving place 🙂


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