240Z Project

240Z: New rare NOS parts in & news from the Bodyshop

Soo, the Z project is slowly picking up speed again. I was able to purchase a bunch of NOS parts from a nice elderly guy lately and they arrived today:

So what is inside those boxes? First of all a set of NOS Akebono rear drum brake pads. I think i have now three sets of NOS pads, and one Project Mu 🙂

A set of original headlight rubber gaskets in excellent condition. I think i bought a good aftermarket set once, but these are of course the real deal.

An original battery tray mount metal frame. I think i have the rubber / Plastik kit for it, so now the set should be complete.

This one is probably not really rare but something i haven’t seen for sale a lot. The “Flange” is used to connect the steering column to the coupler if i’m right.

A shiney Mitsubishi voltage regulator with absolutely no corrosion or signs of age:

Some for t hose plastik side marker lenses:

Also a chrome bumper corner: needs a bit of cleaning bit of buffing but otherwise excellent:

A NOS Hood locking mechanism:

Rear drum brake cylinder, early version if i’m correct:

And now to the cool stuff: A complete set of NOS JDM Fairlady fender mirrors in original packing and with all hardware. Something prices have skyrocketed for. so i’m  happy i got them for realistic price:

And an OEM NOS Honda radio deleter storage compartment thingy (Nissan part name: “Mask”):

This was an option part to install instead of the original radio, which i think is cool. I have something similar in my EK9 too. In such cars i prefer to have the sound of the car, rather than the sound of an old defunct radio.
Also it allows me to skip the search for an expensive and quite rare Euro-band spec original radio in reasonable condition.

Then i also got this nice swiss 280ZX brochure and color sample chart (including interieur fabric samples). Not directly related to my car, but i thought i’s nice to have for my collection:

Regarding the Bodyshop. I wanted to call him this week to ask about updates. When i brought him the car a few months ago, the plan was to finish it by end of 2022. Well So far not much has happened. But then out of nowhere he called me to excuse for all the delays. It seems he had some bad luck with health and was not able to work for a few weeks and this threw his whole plannig over board. They now have fixed my car into the schedule for march 2023 where 3 people are fully booked to work on my car. So hopefully next spring the shell will be ready. Fingers crossed.

Oh and you might remember a while ago i got gifted a bunch of old Nissan dealer stickers and i thought one would make a good look on one of my tool drawers:

Perfect. Stay tuned for more updates soon…

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