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240Z: Vintage 240Z & Datsun Magazines Lot arrived

Recently i managed to get hands on a massive lot of vintage Datsun / Z & ZX club magazines and memorabilie. The value of those is questionable, since it’s mostly not official Datsun / Nissan, but still a nice piece of history. and i bet those have become rare.

I don’t know yet what to do with those, but i’m definitely going through them one by one over the winter days and maybe put them up for sale in different packages.
So what did i get? Aside from a few accessories catalogues and aftermaket parts catalogues, tuning brochures, etc. There’s the british Z Club magazine, the Classic Z Register monthly magazine

One of the first JNC Printed magazines and some posters, the Prez & Sez magazine

Stickers of random international and local Z clubs, Some keychains, an emaille / enamel badge, a Datsun magnifying glass, which seems somehow official.

a bunch of Z-extra magazines, and that signed datsun drawing with a japanese signature (need to find out more…)

And lots of random datsun Z memorabilia, Team Z magazines, and much more. As i said. most of it probably isn’t super valuable, but still nice to have.

I have a delivery of NOS parts on the way to me, so hopefully there’s an update in the next days about my Z. and then there’s the EK9 winter project too…

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