240Z Project

240Z: Vintage Magnetic oil drain plug

Well this is probably one of the few non-japanese parts that will end up on the car. But still a cool period correct 80ies tuner era thing that most probably was used during that time over here.

I’m talking about a magnetic oil drain plug which i found online ins witzerland recently. It’s made in the UK (Nottingham, England) and goes by the brand of “Speedograph”

The advantage is of course that the strong magnet would collect metallic debris and reduce the wear of the engine. You still can buy those for newer engines from different brands.

I’m not sure how useful they are, but thought it would make a good replacement for the pretty worn out and damaged original one on the Promodet oil pan.
Old one:

And new one in place (not tightened, only installed for photo, wil have to clean the threads on the pan first, etc..)

I have more datsun related stuff on the way and for tomorrow there’s a little honda history lesson scheduled on this very blog 🙂

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