240Z Project

240Z: Bodyshop visit – LH Floor section done

Soo. time for another update from the bodyshop. After the floor pans got prepared and made sure that everything fits:

They got welded in and attached to the frame rails:

Next then was the inner rocker panel: Along with the rear rocker extension the seatbelt mount and seat rails:

And the rear section of the floor pansl. Looks really need. and completely differnt to the RH side, where we used the older type of floor pans and lots of homemade panels.

What is missing now is the little factory reinforcement piece (see previous post from the bodyshop). and the outer rocker panel. there we currently have a little fitment problem and need to find out if it’s the replacement panel or something else is misaligned,

Overall i’m again very happy with the work and attention to detail. I always expect more progress when i go there and then i’m disapointed when i see it looks more or less the same than 1,5 weeks ago, but then i start to look and realize all the small details they had to fix, paint, adjust, test, modify, etc. And then i think about the time it took the previous bodyshop to do the same (in a less good result) on the other side and then i’m super happy again. Overall i’d say that already more than  1/4 of the work is done, and that in only roughly 5 weeks. so if the continue like this, it wil be definitely ready in fall. Nice

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