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240Z: Another big NOS parts delivery

I managed to get another load of rare old, but new (NOS = New-Old-Stock) parts for the 240Z. Most of the parts are something i wouldn’t have bought new since they’re just small bits and pieces, but when i got the chance to obtain the whole lot, i couldn’t refuse. This is what i got delivered today:

First of all: A clutch disk:

Then a set of complete headlight bucket assemblies.

You might remember i got the rubber seals for these included in last weeks delivery, and today also the chrome trim rings arrived:

Some more rare body panels: The two reinforcment corners that start at the firewall and extend under the hood on each side to the fenders.
I don’t think i’ll need those, but it’s good to have them in case the bodyshop needs those:

There were also a set of gaskets. The one on the left is for the big original air filter. the red one for the fuel pump. the two black ones are for the water pump and the other one obviously for the exhaust downpipe.

Last week i got some of the side marker parts, and this weeks i got the chrome trims and rubber seals for them (two top items). Additionally i also got the rare
bumper mounted turn signals for the Eurpean spec 240Z including the rubber seals (bottom two items):

A set of filters came with the delivery too: Oil filter, and fuel filters:

And an original water pump:

Something rare is this fusebox. and a fuse remover tool. I don’t know i think this is not the correct one for the 240Z as it has too many fuses. so i will probably sell it.

a set of chrome bumper trims or whatever they’re called. I think they’re US-Spec but have to double check in my manuals. Will also go up for sale if i don’t need them.

They also came along with a set of original rubber covers for them.

I also got a set of strut inserts for the 240Z. Strangely the included papers mentions a PL510 and other cars, but the box says GS30 and S30 “Hard” so i have to double check ne numbers too.

And then i got a load of small fastners, mounts, shims, bits and pieces. Those are always good to have. some of them are really rare and useful, others seem a bit strange and unfamiliar.

Overall it’s a great lot, even though it wasn’t cheap. I still have to double check all the part numbers and see if they’re right for my car. I have my doubts in some cases. But that’s not an issue, i just put them up for sale 🙂
At the end, i’m sure this will save my ass once or twice when i put together the car and realize a certain small piece is missing and worth replacing, only to find it in this lot 🙂

Another friend gifted me this Coin with a Japanese lettering and a 240Z on it. It’s a bit strange because it seems to show a “regular” S30 chassis (see the grille?) but the text says “Fairlady” (top) and 240 Z-G (bottom).

The backside says “Award”. I don’t know where this comes from. but i found a few googlin japanese “240Z fairlady coin” etc. One sales ad had the following text included:
It’s a coin you get when you collect dozens of old arcade coins. This coin is over 30 years old. Owners and fans of Z30 and 240G, what do you think?

If somebody knows more i’d love to learn what this is about..

What’s next? I have a week off the coming days and i plan to get my EK9 read for next season, so i can put it in hibernation during the winter and focus on the Z again.


  • Sean Dezart


    Wow, congrats.

    Should the front euro indicators lenses and seals become available, id like to buy them please. I need a New pair from which to begin producing New ones for owners.


    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi Searn,
      I think i’ll keep them for my own build, sorry. but let me check if i have a good used set, which you could have?
      if interested? let me check tomorrow. I will get back to you.
      – Nils

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