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240Z: 280ZX Book by Nissan (1978)

It has been a while since i got something new to read, related to the Z(X) topic. but a few days ago i found not-so-well advertized 280ZX Book for sale. The pictures didn’t give a lot of information about the book, but one photograph showed a Rallye 240Z and it was super cheap. That was enough to start my interested and buy it. And this is what i got today:

It’s an english book about the 280ZX from 1978. A mix of brochure, Catalogue and information about the 280ZX. It shows how it was developed:

But also how it is being built, tested and so on:

It also doesn’t forget about the ancestors of the S130 and shows the S30 in various specification interestingly also covers an Austrailian and european Spec car:

It also shows the Z’s rallye heritage and success:

But only at the end i realized this is a fanbook. but not by 3rd party company, but by Nissan itself.  I’m not sure at what occasion it came out, but being the same age as the 280ZX itself, i guess it was some kind of advertizing / marketing material for guys that bought a 280ZX, or guys that were thinking of buying one. Very nice nontheless and a great add on to my collection 🙂

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