240Z Project

240Z: Datsun Microfiche set & Rallye clock oscillator arrived

Today i got a special package from germany with an old dusty “thing”

The thing is an stand for microfiches for various datsun cars. I think this was never an official stand, but one that the dealership probably set up themselves:

It includes 16 different chassis types plus a german price list from 1979:

A closer inspection turns out that the S30 chassis microfiches which i already have are from a different date. Nice to have two sets 🙂
The 6/6 fiche btw, is from the GRLS30 btw.

The second item i got is a rallye clock replacement oscillator box by E-ZA in Japan.
The original one often fails when it gets older, so these specialists built a replacement unit with more modern components and circuitry inside.

It is an 1:1 replacement for the original one and it basically gives the clock impulse signal to trigger the clock 🙂

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