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240Z / GARAGE: Custom made Datsun steering wheel wall mounts

A few days ago i got this lovely package just in time for my birthday. Since long i had the idea that it would be nice to hang my collection of various Z-steering wheels on the wall, as they make a nice decoration. But i wasn’t able to find any useful solution to hang them nicely with the pins.

So i aske din the Datsun Europe FB group if anybody had a solution. Nobody had, but Robert, One nice guy from Austria offered me to design them and print a prototype, as he would also use a set for himself.
We (he) played around with different designs and mounting types.

But we (he) ended up with this solution. It’s simple, comes including installaiton hardware, fits the original two pins and three screws on the backside and can easy be removed once hung on the wall. It’s also extra slim, so it can be shipped in a padded envelope and not as a package.

So today i finally hung my wheels on the wall (note, top right wheel requires a different mount, which i found on etsy)

Fitmend, design and everything is excellent. at the end, he even printed them himself 🙂

And made some nice product photos 🙂 If you’re interested. contact robert via facebook (click this link)

Oh and robert also sent me this Sticker from a central-swiss Datsun Z club from the old days, which was in his car when he bought it 🙂
Thanks again for the excellent work and happy the wheels finally found a nice place.


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