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240Z: Chassis gone blasting

Finally, something that i’ve really should have done first, happens now after many years. I decided to have the complete chassis blasted. Not sand-blasted but blasted with various media, depending on the area. Mostly Plastic-blasting and dry-ice blasting.

I thought i’d take a few “before” shots. so here we go. I hope in one or two weeks all old paint and underbody coating and rust is gone…

Some panels like the roof and the LH Rear quarter will only be blasted partially, because they’ll bee replaced anyway or have already been replaced with new panels.

So last week they came to pick it up and the car headed east two hours.

It arrived safely at the sandblaster, but is now waiting in the queue to get blasted. Due to holiday-season, COVID measurements and the fact that they’re not exactly around my corner,
i wasnt able yet to check out their place and discuss a few details. but i still hope they can start the work soon…


  • Marc Moreau

    Hi Nils,

    Happy Holidays!! Happy New Year!

    The Z looks great after blasting. It is awesome to see what all the metal looks like so you can make any necessary repairs before you begin the rebuild. Do you have all the parts you need to complete the restoration?

    The garage looks awesome, I am jealous.

    Take care,
    Marc from Boston USA

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi Marc, thanks a lot!
      Yeah im really curious to see the details. allthough i decided to have it primered in the same go to protect it from rust.
      I think the one part that is missing (but can be hand-built if required) is the front left air-channel (inside the fender).
      otherwise i think i have most of it.
      Thanks a lot for all the nice words and have some nice holidays

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