240Z Project

240Z: M-speed competition miror, Air vent intakes and Posters

I’ve been collecting parts here and there again lately, and a few weeks ago i got this Mspeed Japan NISMO competition / racing mirror replica:

There are two versions and this is the “solid” one:

It uses the original stalks to install it in the car. here’s a comparison of all my mirrors: 1x OEM IKI, 1x OEM Everwing, 1x Mspeed Racing:

You can seen the original ones were quite worn:

So i gave them a little cleanup and a plastic refresher rub:

Here’s the other side of the competition / racing mirror replica:

Then i got a set of 240Z Air intake vent pieces. those who go right from the front frame into the fender air channels. They’re replicas but look quite good, if you ask me:

And then i foun this poster on etsy recently and thought it looked nice to fit into my garage art corner. Unfortunately it arrived a bit damaged here

But i think once it’s in the frame for a while those bumps will be gone.Β  So now it’s hanging next to the starroad signed poster on the workshop wall:

I expect big news soon. so stay tuned πŸ™‚

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