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240Z: Details about a 240Z Rallye fuel injection “experimental” setup

Some of you more geeky readers might know that Nissan used to experiment with some electric fuel injection system in some of their works rallye cars. I’m no expert by any means, but i recently stumbled on this article of some guy who found an original set, and thought it might be interesting for some of the readers. Click to enlarge the pictures for full size view

Here’s a photo from the very control box in the Datsun 240Z at the 1973 monte carlo rallye with the Drivers Tony Fall and Paul ester (Picture Jos van der Aart).
Note the tape on the knobs to protect the drivers from changing the settings during the race and the foam padding below the box to protect the navigators knees from hits on the edge of the box.

Update 18.04.2023:  I was able to obtain a wiring diagram of the very similar fuel injection system from an EA Safari Datsun Rallye violet 1800cc with two cylinders less.
Thanks to Sean Dezart for sharing with me, and thanks to Alan T. who may have provided it originally to Sean. Such a rare find.
It seems the setting box has one additional knob compared to the Z-box but otherwise it looks very similar from my limited understanding.

Update 26.12.2023: In the Eaglemoss 1/8 Fairlady Diecast Magazine series, Vol. 45. there is a specific part dedicated to the EGI Fuel injection.
It mentions that of one of the January 1973 entrants of the Monte Carlo rallye had the EGI Fuel iinjection system installed, however it was previously installed in an 1972 RAC rallye entrant. The article mentions that they had it installed on the Rallye engines for testing even before, but always put back the standard triple-Mikuni / Solex setup for racing. The article also mentiones Nissans earlier fuel injection cars like the R382 and the Bluebird with EGI.
The same magazine article also shows the Aaltonen L24 engine at Monte Carlo 1973 with the fuel rail for the fuel injection system in the 41sst Monte Carlo rallye

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