240Z Project

240Z: Automatic transmission Training Manual

I got hands on a rare 3N71A/B Automatic transmission Manual. While i don’t have an Auto-tranny and don’t really need this manual, there is a reason i couldn’t resist.
This particular manual is not a standard workshop manual, but a Training manual. On the first pages, the employee who got the training from Nissan People, wrote down the story of the training and how it went.

If you look close on the Cover page, you see that the Name of the Company is “Fehlmann Motor AG”, which is the predecessor of Datsun (Suisse) SA.
The Instructions are written very detailed by the trainee in german and full of personal notes.

Definitely a unique item.

It also contains a few memos from later years where the company is already called Datsun Suisse, with names of the involved employees and information about upcoming technical bulletins they plan to write, and spare-parts they’ve ordered from Japan and the 3 weeks delivery time.
Nothing really relevant to my project, but a pretty interesting piece of Datsun Switzerland history..

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