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240Z: EU R-Drive Parts manual + LH Wheel tub in and more

Soo. today i have some big news. but let’s start with the usual deliveries:

1) Something i’ve been searching for a while now. Well Actually i’m looking for the LHD L-Drive but this is the closest i found so far: an UK R-Drive manual:

For those who don’t know the L-Drive / R-drive is a Parts manual folder, but due to it’s size it has the most detailed drawings and some additional informatino which is difficult to see or not existent in the microfiches, parts booklets etc. So my experience is that these are the most detailed parts books availabe (outside of NMC of course):

Looks like your usual parts manual. This one is specific for the 240Z / 26oZ RHD Export specificatino booklets. so mainly UK and AUS, i guess. but i still have to see. I got it from the UK.

2) I also got this LH Inner wheel tub from KFVintageJDM in Bogota:

Some may remember that i already got t his part from Tabco (USA). but i was never satisfied with the quality.

Just look at the details like the little “humps” which are basically nonexistant in the Tabco item:

Or the way they’re cut at the edges, etc.

And they came just in time, because i just got a coll from my Bodyshop that they will finally work on my car starting on Monday. Full-time with three men!
Expecting big news soon. Early next week i’m going to visit them and bring an entire truckload of bodypanels for them to exchang :-)Stay tuned for more soon. hopefully.


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