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240Z: More documents arrived (Introduction Bulletins)

Documents… Again… Well yeah – i think i have an addiction 🙂

After months of searching them, i finally found a set of S30 Chassis “introduction” Bulletins. They contain some nice information about changes made over the years and the various market versions and options.

The “modification” Manuals are very similar and tell about the different modifications made and possible to the different years of cars:

Then i got an 1979 Datsun (Suisse) SA Pricelist along with a catalog, from (i believe) the same year.

This means i have now at least a set from the late 70ies

And one more pricelist in my collection

the Swiss 260Z / 2+2 Manual was on sale from the same seller, so i thought i just add it for completeness sake:

Same with the swiss 1972 Datsun 2400GT (aka Hakosuka Skyline) Catalogue. Note the “Nissan-Datsun” Name on the front, which is strange, since Datsun / Nissan Switzerland didn’t use the Nissan name until the 80ies officially.

Since it shares alot of parts with the Z and because of it’s rarity, i thought it might be handy at some point, so it got added to the basket.

Then i got an very early (1970, i believe) swiss 240Z flyer

It uses pictures from the American cars and early european prototype cars in the photos. which i think is funny by todays measures. Would you put a car in a catalogue that is significant different from what you get when you buy it? Nevertheless, this is a quite rare version of the 240Z swiss catalogue, so i’m happy to add it to my documents collection.

Oh and then got this Postcard with Stamp from the island of grenadines and st. Vincent. It’s from a collectable series (incl Folder and everything) called “Auto 100”. The picture shows an 1972 european “final-spec” 240Z, shot by Neill Bruce. I even found the photo in a Catalogue with Neill’s pictures for sale with a few details.

That’s it for now. I have some big news coming in the next weeks and bought a lot of stuff coming in over the next days, so stay tuned…

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