OTHER: Update on the Honda Civic Hot “S” Documentation

Remember when i recently saw a Classic Honda Civic “Hot S” at a car show and randombly bought some documents about it?
Good news, recemtly i stumbled up on an original swiss sales brochure for sale. It was cheap so i had to get it. My collection starts to grow 🙂
(top:  Brochure), Bottom left sales flyer, bottom right advertizing sticker, There was also a price list, but i missed that auction.

So here’s the original brochure i got:

It has a nice large centerfold poster:

And then plenty of pages with all the features:

The fancy red interieur

And the technical specs. Maybe it’s just me, but i personally feel this is some kind of TypeR predcessor which was sold here locally and therefore i really like this car.
Also i’m a big fan of the Sports compact hatchback looks of it. Racing stripes and all. Maybe i’ll own one, one day, who knows.

Update 06.01.2023: I found the previously mentioned price list for the Civic Hot “S” again.
The car is listed for 15’790.- CHF in March 1985.
However it says it’s an 1,5l and it being sold a few years later then the ones above, i guess this is already a newer version based on the same platform as the Honda CRX EF chassis.
I still thought i post it here for completeness sake and because of the “Hot S” topic 🙂 Picture from the Sales ad.

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