240Z Project

240Z: Random Parts and automobilia picked up

When i picked up the big parts Lot a few weeks ago, we forgot to load a few parts into the car, so today i went back there to pick up the missing parts (which are all sold already!). It included an E30 exhaust Manifold, 260Z centercaps, a front bumper and a glovebox..

I also got gifted a bag of 280ZX and some S30 diecast cars, which i donated to a collector and 280ZX owner i know:

Also got a few Keychains and a Safari rally quadruple-crown sticker. The sticker is original Datsun. The keychain is from a swiss datsun dealership, but a generic item which could be branded with any car brand. And the Z-keychain seems to be a cheap item from the interwebs…

Additionally i got this original Dutch 240Z sales brochure. Not exactly something i’ve been looking for, but nice to add it to my collection…

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