OTHER: Nissan GTP & Group C race cars book

When this book popped up for sale in a local online auction, i catched my attention. I gave a low bid and was the only one bidding, so i ended up having it in my hands today. Nice score!
Meet “Lightning speed – The Nissan GTP & Group C Racecars by John Starkey”:

I still have to read it, but flipping though it quickly, i can see it shows the beginning at Electrmotive

To the later Group C era.

The book covers a lot of technical details with nice inside shots from production shop to the paddocks, test sites and of course all the races.

I also love the detailed views of the cars like the below unerpanel view, which you usually don’t see.
As i said, i still have to find a nice rainy fall day where i can read through it. Race cars from at era are usually not my regular lecture, but i have to admit i like the shapes and technology of those days and i’m curious to learn more about them.

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