OTHER: Microfiche reader from an unexpected Toyota Collection

I’m always fascinated what hides behind some of the doors you see every day. And most of the time you wouldn’t expect anything special behind a random barn-door.
That’s exactly what happened when i bought a microfiche reader for my old Datsun fiches from a Lady online. I went to pick it up last saturday and already was impressed by the nice, old toyota pickup in the entrance. Then the lady opened the gates to her garage and boy – i didn’t expect that! She used to work at a toyota dealership and had around 10-12 Vintage toyotas in various states, but most of them looked pretty serious and the selection of cars were excellent too!  She also had a nice range of toyota memorabilia and workshop tools and from what i understand she’s fixing those old cars all herself!

I was a bit in a hurry so i didn’t really have time to talk and look at the cars, but i promised to come back. What a collection. there was an office full of old Manuals and parts catalogues and she told me there’s a big spare-parts stock somewhere too. wow!

When i returned home, today i had to fix the two microfiche readers first and give them a proper clean, Had to glue back the mirrors and optical system and replace one of the bulbs.

And then finally both of them came back to life. Not that i really need them. i have the digital copy of the parts manuals too, but what’s the point of owning all thos old microfiches if you can’t even show them to someone, right? 🙂

They also came with a free set of various old Daihatsu microfiches. I don’t really have a useage for them, so i will go through them and put them for sale soon. I’m pretty sure somewhere in the world, someone is looking for exactly these old Daihatsu microfiches 🙂

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