OTHER: HONDA – Road to the red Zone, Collectors edition

Today something lovely arrived in my Mailbox. The “Honda – Road to the Red Zone” books, in a collectors edition:

It consists of two books in both french and english and a lovely two-coloured plexi-glass collectors box:

The box and books come with a Type-R Tag and the limited edition serial number too. Lovely details!

The first volume of Road to the red zone tells the Honda Type R story. This journey starts with the birth of Soichiro Honda, until the first Civic Turbo in 2015. 

All models have been driven and analysed to make you discover this wonderful family. Of course the EK9 is also featured on multiple pages along all the other TypeR Models:

The second book is more about Honda’s Motorsports history until today.
“We had the opportunity to visit race teams, production plants and we made interviews with legendary people such as Shigeru Uehara or Hirotoshi Honda himself. We gathered exclusive informations about this fascinating brand.”
A lot of racing legends are interviewed and share their typeR moments as well.

The books (among other nice motorsports books!) are written and published by Lionel Lucas in france, and can be ordered (also individually) over at https://redrunner.fr

Make sure to also follow him on Instagram: @redrunner_editions

There he published additional background information and stuff. like  a thank-you letter from Koji Watanabe. head of Honda Racing Corporation, as a thank you for the book.
or a Photo where the book is handed to Shigero Uehara (Project leader of such legendary Cars like the S2000 and the NSX):

So far i have only started to read a few pages, but the information, photography and quality is absolutely lovely and well worth the money for every Honda / TypeR fan.
The only little downside is that the english translation is sometimes not perfect, but still well readable and really only minimal.
I’m really looking forward to go through the history of Honda, it’s typeR’s and the Motorsports history in the coming days! There are many or rarely seen photos and you can image the level of details is quite deep on so many pages.
Well done. Make sure to check out their other offerings too.  How about a collectors edition about Formula 1 Helmets? There yo go. Well done.

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