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OTHER: MB-Click vs Swissclick Numberplate mounts

The Meta algorithm has been pushing out ads for sleek number plate mounts a lot recently , so the idea of “invisible” number plate mounts has been growing on me in the past few months.
In Switzerland, you can have the same set of numberplates for multiple cars, means you have to switch them regularly if you own more than one car.
That is a really nice system, but requires special number plate mounts to easy move number plates from one to another car without a lot of hassle.
Over many years the “Swissclick” or similar brand has been everybody’s favourite. they come in a many colours, are easy to install and with a simple click you can release the plates and put them on another car.

After researching the multiple, relatively “new”, syxstems on the market, i decided to give the MB-click a try. The other available system was more of a velcro “Hook and loom” fastener type and seemed difficult to remove from the bumper and also from the numberplates… The MB-clicks come with each two plastic brackets for the front and two for the rear plate. that’s it. They’re cast plastic and seem pretty solid material.

Old Swissclick before:

This is how you flip the swissclick’s open to remove the numberplate:

This is how it looks with the swiss-click removed and the MB-click installed. ignore the dirt -i’m gonna give it a clean-up soon. the bruwn stuff below the mounts are some rubber-foam-tape from the previous installation. I left it there as a “Rattle-insulation”:

And this is how it looks with the plate installed. Much better if you ask me. The white of the car, the plate and the mount does not match of course but that’s just something my OCD notes 🙂

Same on the EK9 Front bumper. Before:

After. Much better:

I was a bit sceptical with the type of installation, but it requires just a bit of force to install and remove the plates from the mounts, but it seems very stable, even if the bumper has a curvature and is not straight. And so far i haven’t discovered any rattle or something. I think this will withstand all the forces of vibration, wind and bumpy roads. For now i’m quite satisfied. Especially with the much stealthier and sleeker looks. Worth the 10minutes to install it and the few bucks to get them. They’re also available in multiple colours and for the different swiss number plate shapes.
PS: This is no advertizement and i paid for the mounts myself 🙂 More updates on the EK9 hopefully soon…

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