EK9 Project

EK9: Cleaning the seats and OEM seat restauration soon

Soo, a while ago i bought this tool. the “Bissell Spot clean heat pro”. Basically a wet vacuum cleaner with integrated water / cleaning spray.
To be honest i wanted to go for a cheap option and test it furst, but i should have gone for something more expensive. the “heating” is more or less inexistent, and i expexted it to bea more of a “steam” cleaner like in those proffessionall videas, but nevertheless, i have tried it a few times now on home-furniture and it works. Not brilliantly, but it works.


When i recently drove the EK9, i realized how dirty the EK9 seats have become and thought i give it a try.

The OEM Recaros used in the Honda Integra DC2 typeR and the EK9 are definitely a bit of a weak spot. they’re super nice and comfy and also high quality, but their cheeks tend to get visibly dirty quick with the bright colours, and since you have to get over the foam cheeks to get inside the car it is very prone to wear and tear. Nevertheless, the results were quite good, if you ask me.

The result was quite good if you ask me for a five minute job the lines and rough surface you see are not from the cleaning it self but a general wear-issue.

I missed to take a pic in the right moment but you can see in the sink how dirty brown the water (brown soup) was from cleaning this seat only.

You might also have noticed that the fabric of the seat got even a bit more worn out due to this procedure. but don’t worry. i have plans to rebuild the seat any way. I already the most criticial part a while ago, but i decided now to get all parts as spares and have both seats redone with parts from the excellent https://www.capitalseating.co.uk/honda-civic-type-r-ek9-recaro-seat and a local car upholstry specialist. Capitalseating makes spareparts for those recaro seat in OEM quality with all the right deatails.
The seat restauration It’s not the top priority but i’ll get the parts order placed soon and have it done in near future…

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