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GARAGE | EK9: New JDMJunkies gear & EK9 Overhaul starts

It’s not that i try to actively Promote the JDMjunkies brand or something, but i thought at least i could label my cars and get myself a nice banner, just for fun’s sake. And if you order decal stickers anyway, why not add some more to the shopping cart?
So here we go. some fancy stickers:

And a new Banner made out of PVC-free material:

This is mainly for garage decoration, so i had to hang it at the wall directly:

But i also might use it whenever i decide myselve to have a booth at any car shows or swap meets:

And while having the concrete drill out anyway, i thought it was a good opportunity to finally hang the Noriyaro x Starroad signed picture too, and found a nice place for it:

Then – finally – i found some time to make an appointment at my Honda workshop to start the Project for the “big winter overhaul” 2022. The task list includes a new timing belt, replace all bushings with spoon PU bushings, new endless brake pads, and some minor things to pass the MOT (Adjusting the ride hight, etc.)

Phase II i will then do at home over the winter, so expect some updates in the coming months. But since the weather was dry and warm i decided to take a longer detour to the workshop and enjoyed some nice backroads before it goes to hibernation.

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