OTHER: Datsun C10 & C110 (Skyline) Parts galore

Findinig original parts for your vintage Datsun isn’t an easy task. So whenever me or my Buddy Stefan find something nice or even totally random, we share it with each other.
At one point i stumbled on an online ad on a swiss website with not much information, selling “240K-GT and 2400 GT Parts”. Without expecting much, i shared the link with my man. A few days later i got the reply “Jackpot!” and later an explanation. It seems like an elderly man, which owned several original rare swiss market Datsuns like the 2400 GT (aka C10 “Hakosuka” Skyline) and or 240K-GT (aka C110 “Kenmary”Skyline) in his life and back then put a lot of spareparts in storage, which had to go now.
Stefan told me he was the first guy to have a look at those parts in 40 years. And naturally he had to buy the whole lot. Talk about beeing in the right place at the right time!

Especially because he is restoring his own C110 Skyline (on the rotisserie to the left) and a red C10 Hakosuka (for a customer of his). The white car to the right is his lovely Laurel C30. Absolutely fabulous combo.
And just look at all the parts! BTW. Don’t ask me if the parts are for sale! It also seems like some original documents where included. nice score! And the original fenders from the first pictures are not even included in this photo. Despite the fact that Vintage skyline parts are even rarer than Z-parts, i really think they ended up with the right person now, in a good home where they will bring back life to a few cars which are really well taken care of and restored to nice condition!

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