240Z Project

240Z: Dome light refurbish

Regular readers may have noticed that i haven’t actually restored anything from my 240Z in a while. Well the reasons were various, but it’s time to change that again. I thought i start with a simple part which i had prepared to get done since a while. The interieur dome light:

From the outside it was mainly dirty and scratched, and on the backside you could see the contacts and the bulb metal parts were corroded:

So first i took it apart

The bulb fell apart immediately without even touching it:

First i gave everything a gentle clean in warm soap-water and tried to avoud water coming close to the switch:

Next it was time to pull out my secret weapons. I’ve got an electronics repair background and over the years i’ve gained a lot of experience which tools and fluids work the best.
Here are a selection of my all-time favourites. Which i all used for this project:
– Kontakt 60: Contact cleaning solvent (I used it a bit on the switch)
– Metarex. Some kind of wool fabric soaked in a metal cleaning and polish fluid. You rip off a piece and clean your metal surfaces without scratches.
– Contact cleaning strips: Perfect to clean corroded electronic contacts (after corrosion is removed with a brush)
– Novus plastic cleaning and polish kit. Removes larger and smaller scratches from plastic surfaces and lets you get it back nice and glossy again.

After i cleaned and polished everything and had removed the corrosion with a wire brush, i checked the switch, just to ensure it works fine. Which it luckily did. Probably i should test it BEFORE i do all the work, next time.

And then assembled it all back together. IKI Japan Dome light switch from the 240Z in all it’s glory. Btw. Also found a production date stamp (i guess?) of 3 / 71  on the lamp housing. So it was produced almost a year befor the car got registered in switzerland. While most of the other parts in the car have a production date from end of 1971. It seems like those dome lights were produced in larger batches and then stored before being used.

And here the backside with the fresh cleaned contacts. Now i only need to get myself a new bulb. which shouldn’t be a big problem.

Now i need to find my next project. I missed actually “finishing” something 🙂

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