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240Z: Complete Eaglemoss Fairlady 1/8 Scale magazine Model car kit

Today i got a package from japan with something i’ve been searching for for quite a while:
A complete Nissan Fairlady 1/8 Scale magazine Model car kit by Japanese company Eaglemoss:

It is a set that was issued around 2014. It consisted of 100 pieces weekly subscription magazines wich each came with a box including some parts, so each week you would build your part of the Fairlady until you had a complete, huge 1:8 scale model:

It is incredbly detailed too, with lots of electronics, mechanically working details

And lots of small bits and pieces to assemble:

Most parts are bolted and not glued, but of course there’s also glue involved:

The body parts and chassis are made of metal and the kit is quite heavy:

Each magazine includes a lot of history about the Z-series cars and Japanese Car culture of the time in general, Assembly instructions, interviews with involved people and much, much more.
This is the first complete kit i’ve seen for a reasonable price. The reason might be that some parts (very few) have already been assembled, and probably 2/3 of the boxes have already been opened, but otherwise it’s mint and complete. Since i plan to assemble it anyway and i was also quite interested in the magazines, i don’t care.

The set also comes with a big heavy display stand:

And three folders, where you can store all the magazines after you read them

It also included a tool-set in a (sadly missing) nice pouch, a cleaning towel, a Z hood ornament key chain and a CD with some nice movies of the real S30 fairlady development and testing and additional background information.

Super happy i finally got one of these, and i guess i know what to do in those winter days 🙂


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