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240Z: NISMO fuel pump + Japanese Service bulletin arrived

Recently i went shopping a bit in japan again and the first delivery arrived today:

It consists of two pieces: the first one is a NISMO generic purpose electric fuel pump:

I’m not sure if this will end up in the Z, but since i stumbled over it while shopping i thought i  better secure one of those, as long as they’re still available:

Here are some specs from the NISMO racing parts catalogue:

The second interesting thing i found was a Japanese “change of service provedure” manual. In my opinion it’s basically the japanese version of the “technical bulletins” that were vailable in all kind of variants both as single sheets or the better known “Service Shuho” books. I have never seen something similar before, and the price was low, so i just secured them for my collection:

This one was particulary interesting because it had the wiring diagrams for the S30 and GS30 inside:

But also some changes in the clutch procedure:

Ans some other stuff, which i still have to translate:

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