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EK9: Spare Seat & Japanese EK9 recaro repair shop found

Recently a Friend of mine pointed me towards a facebook ad for an EK9 recaro seat in switzerland with a fair price. I was a bit sceptic and probably wouldn’t have checked out after a 3hour drive only. Luckily i was in that area anyway and thought i’d give it a look. and long story short. I have a Spare EK9 OEM recaro.

As you would expect it has several wear and tear problems, the common problems with the OEM Recaros, but otherwise it’s in good shape:

And aside from the seat rail and the missing bottom net (which i have NOS spare’s in stock) it’s complete:

I’m not sure yet what will happen to this seat, but meanwhile i guess i have more than enough parts to rebuild multiple seats and that’s probably what i will do. never a bad thing to have spares i guess:

Also a reader recently pointed me to a relatively new Japanese Company Studio 6 Zero / Studio Roku Zero. They’re basically a high-level upholstry shop with somewhat close ties to some of the Honda RnD team. I didn’t find that part, but some said the guys were even part of the interieur team of Honda at some point? They make custom refurbishment of all kind of seats, specially Honda. But what is really cool is that they started to reproduce a high-end replica of the original Honda Jersey fabric, which is currently not available anywhere:

Here you can see original colour samples. I think they didn’t reproduce all colours in the end but yeah, the red one is definitely available.

According to my google-translating of their facebook, they prefer to refurbish actual seats in their shop, but also got plenty of requests for making replacement covers.
They say they can do it, but are afraid that the re-made covers will not fit 100% as the original foam below might have deformed and worn out after the years and the covers will not fit. Here’s an example of their work:

We’ll see. i might ask them if they will sell me a few meters of the jersey fabric so i can use them to have my seats reworked, the remaining covers i will use what i have in stock, i guess. but that’s a winter project. so no hurry.

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